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Frostflare- The IceWing Queen (UPDATED) Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Frostflare- The IceWing Queen (UPDATED) Dragon10
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Frostflare- The IceWing Queen (UPDATED)

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Frostflare- The IceWing Queen (UPDATED) Empty Frostflare- The IceWing Queen (UPDATED)

Post by Frostflare Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:51 pm

Personal Info
Name: Frostflare
Nickname: Frost, Frosteh, Flare
Age: 38
Gender: Female
Personality: Frostflare is a cold, and slightly careless dragon. She is very blunt, and isn't afraid of death, unlike most dragons. She is a leader that is willing to die for her tribe, and will never give up. Frostflare is a dragon that will protect anything and everything she loves, and if she looses something close its unacceptable. To her everything carries its own beauty and that everybody should be able to see it. Frostflare is not blinded by hate, but is illuminated by the dark. At times she can be very demented, but is very dark on the inside.
Interests: Frostflare enjoys creation, and great words of knowledge. She enjoys the beauty of the dark, and isn't a fan a light that much. Frostflare always wants to hear the truth, and is happy to any dragon who will help somebody in need.
Dislikes: Frostflare hates liars. They never tell the truth and they are impossible to trust. She does not like distruction, only if the being or thing deserves to be turned off. She does not like dragons who pick on others that are weaker, and the thing she hates the most is a hypocrpt.
Fears: Frostflare fears that her demon sealed inside will break out one day and destroy everything, and the only thing she will be able to do is watch.

General Appearance
Height: 68"4' feet tall. 60" feet long. 80" wingspan 3: long claws.
Scales: A frosty white on top, then a light, icy blue underbelly.
Eyes: Black
Appearance: Frostflare's joints are like a mouse. She can stand on her hind legs, walk around on them for a little bit and pick things up, just not run a mile on two legs.
Frostflare is a lizard-figured dragon with frosty white main scales, and a ridged hard underbelly that's color is an icy blue. She has a soft, silvery main that starts right above her muzzle, and goes all the way to her tail tip where it flares out. She has four fingers on her front paws, and a long black claw on every one of them (same goes for her feet). Frostflare has a smaller claw poking out of her ankle like joint, and has beautiful crystallized wings. She has a long furry joint that runs all the way through her wing (not the crystallized part). Around the top where her wing fur ends she had a long black claw.
Frostflare wears a golden cross necklace with a red gem inside to seal the demon in her.
Frostflare has an ice scythe (the weapon thingy) that freezes everything it STABS.
Frostflare has a never melting ice (that's from Pokemon) armor that she can summon. It is a sharp spiky type of armor the conforms to her body perfectly, and has ice gauntlets that have holes for her claws to poke out.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: IceWings
Rank: Queen
Family: Sister: Grima
Mate: Sorin Markrov <3
Hatchlings: Not yet

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Frostflare has very strong muscular wings and limbs. Also she has her demon that she seals, and because she can contain it so well, an some points she is able to control it. Frostflare is good at thinking of ideas and plans, evern in times of great stress and rush.
Special Abilities: As the goddess of snow, she has divine authority and absolute control over ice, snow, and cold.
-Can turn humans or dragons into ice. Anyone who goes near the ice statue will possibly be frozen as well, for a very long period of time.
-She can make something grow colder and colder to the point where it feels like it's burning.
-Can make icy wind blow something out of the air.
-Can turn herself into anything associated with snow.
-She has the ability to create something similar to a nuclear blast, only instead of heat it is made of cold.
-She can summon very violent blizzards and other snow-associated calamities with a wave of her hand.
Weaknesses: Frostflare is weak to fire or anything that might possibly melt her attack. When Frostflare gets REALLY irritated or mad she loses control of the demon inside whether it is sealed or being used for battle. Frostflare with her great mind at times tends to over think things.
Combat Style: First she distracts her opponent then strikes. She will at first use a strong attack then use other attack to weaken them. If they refused to surrender while they are weakened she will finish them.

History: One day, in the Tribe of the Burning Beasts. When Frostflare was a young hatchling, her parents went out on a fly around their tribe's territory. When they were gazing down at the ground, they spotted a large hatchling. Seeing as the black hatchling remembered nothing of its past, the decided to take her in as one of theirs. Frostflare received little sister Grima, although she was much taller then her. Time passed and both Frostflare and her sister were made Trainees. Frostflare was chosen to be a healer and her sister a warrior to fight for their tribe. One day Frostflare was told to show the other hatchlings how to use simple herbs in case of need. She then made a friend, Syllvia. She was very interested in what Frostflare had taught her and was willing to exchange some battle knowledge with her. As soon as the Elder found out, they banned the two apprentices from being with each other. She feared that if Frostflare's demon came out, and she knew how to fight is would make the destruction worse, so that's why she wanted Frosflare to be a healer. One night, Frostflare and Syllvia planned to sneak out, and to meet each other in the forbidden valley. They expected it to be hot like it normal was, but instead there was a blizzard. They didn't think that is was that bad, and since the Tribe of the Winter Seal did it all the time they thought they could live. When they were looking for a place to train in the valley, they spotted a shiny yellow thing. When they came up close it appeared to be a gold coin. Frostflare thinking that something was fishy about a gold coin being in a valley was not safe and didn't want to take it. Syllvia on the other hand said that even if it was a trap they would be fine because Frostflare would be able to save them. When Syllvia picked up the coin, she immediately got frozen inside of a large glacier. Frostflare tried to melt it, but it was hard as diamond. Hours, after hours of melting the ice, and clawing at it with her bare paws, she managed to free her friend. The first thing that she noticed when she pulled her friend's body out was that it was not breathing. Frostflare enraged, kicked the iceberg and took a bite out of it. "YOU EAT MY FRIEND I EAT YOU!" she shouted at it. Not noticing, Frostflare's red scales began to turn an icy white color, and her orange underbelly was more of a frosty blue. The raging flames that once danced on her back became a warm silver main. The blue fire that uses to flare out of the base of her wings became a cold crystal ice, and her bones became black. The glacier then turned back into its normal gold coin form once again. Frostflare aggitated of what just happened, kicked the coin away. Right when her claws touched it, it became the gold cross necklace that she wears today, with a red gem in the center. After she had had a mini funeral for her friend, she flew away, off to some other territory. Where she could forget about her past and never have to be reminded of it again. Ever.
RP Sample: Frostflare bowed down the the great Goddess Phantom as she appeared in front of that dragons. When she lifted her head up, she saw a beautiful dark, purple, misty like dragon, that had several spines on her, and an Aura that looked beautiful and intimidating. The IceWing queen then asked the Goddess with a face of confusion. "Phantom, Great Goddess of Magic, why have you come here today? It must be important." She then outstretched her wings quickly, then folded them again so she could sit in a proper position. Frostflare's eyes looked deeply into Phantom's but yet she still couldn't tell why she came. For now all she could do was wait for the Goddess to tell what she came here for.
There we go!

(will finish soon)
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IceWing Guardian

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Frostflare- The IceWing Queen (UPDATED) Empty Re: Frostflare- The IceWing Queen (UPDATED)

Post by Celestia Sun Sep 14, 2014 8:45 am

APPROVED Though as a goddess you should add more about what you can do and what powers you have.
Goddess of the Moon and Stars
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Frostflare- The IceWing Queen (UPDATED) Empty Re: Frostflare- The IceWing Queen (UPDATED)

Post by Frostflare Sun Sep 14, 2014 3:07 pm

That has been fixed. Phantom helped me add some more abilities. Very Happy
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