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Furouxane Fiyer Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Furouxane Fiyer Dragon10
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Furouxane Fiyer

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Furouxane Fiyer Empty Furouxane Fiyer

Post by SilverSamurai026 Fri Sep 12, 2014 5:35 am

Picture: My profile picture.
Personal Info
Name: Furouxane Fiyer (Frozen Fire in my own, totally made up on the spot, dragon language XD)
Nickname: Fiyer (Can't go calling him by his first name all the time. That would give me a headache...)
Age: 260 (10 human years = 1 dragon year; He's 26 years old in dragon years)
Gender: Male
Personality: Fiyer is very loving of others, and fiercely protective of those closest to him. He has a fun attitude and is almost constantly thinking on the positive side of life. However, unbeknownst to everyone but those that truly know him, Fiyer is very self-conscience about himself; often believing himself “not good enough” for certain tasks that take excessive amounts of a particular skill.
Interests: He loves to have fun, and can often be found playing with those younger than himself. He enjoys lying in the sun all day, and (although childish) he sometimes finds himself chasing his own tail either for the amusement of others, or for his own.
Dislikes: He doesn't like difficult situations, and hates making important decisions. The rain makes him uncomfortable, and fighting others verbally upsets him. He constantly wonders if he was the one who was actually in the wrong.
Fears: He fears making a choice that could effect others severely. If there's even the slightest chance that someone could get hurt because of a choice he made, he won't make it. He also worries whenever it storms (blizzard, rain, dust, etc.), fretting over the idea that someone he knows might get caught in it, and could get hurt or die.

General Appearance
Height: 31ft 4in Tall, 52ft 6in Long, 61ft 2in Wingspan
Scales: A range of three different blue hues. The lightest being a bright sky blue (First blue), the second hue being a Dodger blue (Second blue), and the darkest being a Royal blue (Third blue). There's also a small amount of dark silver to compliment the blue shades. The base color is the Second blue, topped by striped patterns of the First blue and silver. The stripe pattern mainly follows the back of his neck, torso, and tail, while a few longer silver stripes are just barely visible coming from beneath his First blue chest plates.

The same First blue stripe pattern is found on the front of each of his legs, and the pads of his feet are smoothly covered by the same color. Around each of his ankles is a sort of silver “bracelet”. His tail also has a few bracelets on it in a “silver, First blue, silver, First blue...” pattern. The Third blue is reserved for his head feathers and feathered wings only. His talons are a dark silver, and his front claws have an extra toe like a bird.
Eyes: He has wide, wonder-filled eyes. The sclera is the same shade of blue as his base scales, while his iris is the same sky blue as his stripes, and his slitted pupil is a hazed black.
Appearance: He has small, dear like ears near the top of his jaw line, and noticeably resembles a bird by sporting two giant bird wings and the head feathers of a cockatoo, which leads into a feathery mane that goes all the way to the end of his tail. Unlike the females of his species, he doesn't have any leg feathers, which are used to keep hatchlings warm in their cold environment.

He also has a bright blue flame at the end of his tail which never falters, even in rain. However, if one were to touch it, they'd find it chilling instead of burning. It's a cold flame.

Upon Fiyer's left eye, two scars lead from the top of his eyelid and nearly reach the top of his upper lip. He gained this scar when he was younger, and foolishly upset an older dragon. He's learned to keep a respectable distance from strangers since then.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: IceWing?
Rank: Lieutenant? If not, then Vulcan? (I believe he could be a decent lieutenant, but he might be better suited for Vulcan...)
Family: His aunt Xumarr Lyllet, and two cousins Berut and Kayn. Mother, father and siblings: Deceased.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: He is very quick, and agile. What he lacks in brute strength he makes up for in swift, strategic attacks. He has a large endurance level, allowing him to last longer than most, and can be very quick-witted. His thin fur and excessive feathers keep him warm even in the coldest of climates, but quickly make him overheat if he's somewhere hot.
Special Abilities: The flame on his tail, while normally useless, can become very bright with strong emotions. If he's angry enough, he can actually use the cold flame to attack others. The cold flame is so freezing cold, it might as well be the hottest fire you could ever touch. But it's a rare ability, and he can't harness it when he's not extremely upset. Other strong emotions can change the intensity of its light though. (Exp: Happiness = Bright light, Sadness = Dull light, etc.) He also has the frost breath ability that all IceWing dragons possess, though he doesn't really use it.

A special breeding ability: Once a decade, Fiyer actually becomes “genderless”. If he mates with a male during this time, he'll become a female for the following decade. If he mates with a female, or not at all, he'll revert back to his genetic base- which is male- for the next decade. (It's a species thing.)
Weaknesses: Fiyer can be mentally unstable. Say the right thing and he'll end up stuck in his thoughts, unable to move. Perfect opening for an attack. He's also physically weak, and wouldn't do well at close range, where the enemy can get a good hit on him. He can't stand hot climates for more than half an hour.

Breeding ability Note: When he does change his gender from male to female, he will go through a very weakened stage for about three months. He will eat less, become excessively tired, his strength will be sapped, and his body will change form, causing stress and pain. (It's the equivalent of a woman's monthly.)
Combat Style: Fiyer prefers quick attacks for offense, and distance for defense. He'll attack with speed and jump back as quickly as possible. His motto: “If you can outlast me, you win. If I outlast you, you die.” He's at his weakest point when he attacks, and strongest point when he's defending himself.

History: Fiyer doesn't remember much of his childhood. The earliest he can remember is waking up in the care of a yellow and gold dragoness. His aunt, Lyllet, cared for him alongside his older and much bigger cousins. While she did love him, Lyllet was very stern, and often favored her own sons over her nephew. This may be the reason Fiyer has an inferiority complex, believing himself not good enough for his aunt, therefore, not good enough for the world.

When he came of age, albeit still small, he left his aunt's care and traveled for many years. Among the earlier years, he came across another dragon whom he ended up in a disagreement with. The two ended up fighting, and while Fiyer was able to escape before being killed, he ended up gaining two everlasting scars across his left eye.

When he turned 260, he decided to settle down with a tribe and hopefully find a mate.
RP Sample: Fiyer opened his eyes stiffly. He was waking from a dream that had left a feeling of warmth and happiness within him. As he lifted his head from the ground, he tried to remember what it was about. There had been walls of pure ice, and two figures- one white, the other black. However, the images were all blurred, and the voices badly muffled. He couldn't make anything out.

However, this wasn't strange- He's had this dream for many nights now, and he could never remember it in detail. He was just left with the feeling. But that was enough for him. It gave him energy for a new day.

Fiyer yawned as he stretched his head back, and shrugged his forelimbs to crack his shoulder blades. He shook his head to rid himself of the lasting grogginess, before looking at the world around him. There was snow blanketing the ground, and upon inspection, he found the soft ice covered his back as well. He smiled at the chill it brought to his skin and scales.

He was laying in a forest full of Western Hemlock trees, and nearby a small creak was frozen in a thin layer of ice. Fiyer stood and, after stretching his frost covered wings, walked over to the creak. He lowered his head to the frozen water and began chewing off small chunks to drink. When he was done, he began scouting the area for any noticeable changes since he'd last checked.

Other than some minor differences, like small animal tracks, and the fallen seeds of the trees, Fiyer couldn't see anything. Just to make sure, he tested the air. There were no threatening scents, and no smell of prey, so he lowered his head. All he could hear was the soft chirping of morning birds, and the knocking of woodpeckers.

Fiyer sighed disheartened. With no prey nearby, he'd have to move again. A shame. He had started to like the area. But his need to eat far surpassed his longing for beauty and a home. After finding a small clearing that gave access to the silver, morning sky, Fiyer took flight. His royal blue feathered wings lit up in the light of the winter sun, and he made a show for himself by doing a few acrobatics while watching them. When he tired of this, he watched the world below him as he gained height. A world of ice, frozen trees, and fast flowing rivers met his gaze. A beautiful, cold world.

Smiling, Fiyer looked forward and flew faster. He was ready for a new day.

'Let's see what surprises are in store for me.' he thought to himself as he disappeared above the silver clouds.

(The length of my posts depend on how I'm feeling, and what I have to work with when responding. They usually range from a paragraph to a chapter...)
((And there's my giant post. I hope you enjoyed reading all of that! ... I didn't...[Joking! It was fun!]))
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Furouxane Fiyer Empty Re: Furouxane Fiyer

Post by Celestia Fri Sep 12, 2014 6:51 am

This is a fantastic app, well done. I'm going to have to approve you as a Vulcan for now. Go here http://rpgdragons.forumotion.com/t1015-icewing-lieutenant to request the rank of Lieutenant. Also I do believe you are the first IceWing Vulcan.

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Furouxane Fiyer Empty Re: Furouxane Fiyer

Post by Snowflare Fri Sep 12, 2014 7:51 am

Welcome to the forum

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