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The Awakening of Volmaht (Intro, Solo) Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

The Awakening of Volmaht (Intro, Solo) Dragon10
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The Awakening of Volmaht (Intro, Solo)

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The Awakening of Volmaht (Intro, Solo) Empty The Awakening of Volmaht (Intro, Solo)

Post by Volmaht Thu Jan 01, 2015 12:46 am

It was a sunny day, The village of Gijil sat peacefully along the shore under the shade of Mount Vol'zaduum. A tribe of Gnolls populated the town. They had long since forgotten about the Dragon that once tormented their ancestors. Infact they had little to no contact from Dragons. They had their own stories about them, A few generations back a friendly Seawing found his way towards the Island and conversed with the Gnolls. But since then Dragons were a thing of Myth to them.

The fisherman continued their usual business as it was the season for Carp. The haul was good, but not as great as the one from a few years back. Still they did they're best as sat on their boats waiting for the fish while enjoying the warm sunlight than rained from above. The villagers of Gijil were accustomed to a certain Phenomena. A Thump. Every 10 minutes the Thump would gently echo through the ground and each Gnoll was as familiar with the Thump as they were with the Sky. What was this Phenomena? The Gnolls did not know or care. But if they had. They would know to flee this Island.

Some Gnoll youngsters were exploring the caves towards the Mountain. They had been warned many times to avoid going up there but they chose to ignore the warnings of the Elders. "The elders are probably just hiding fun things!". Said the oldest of the Gnoll youngsters. The others enthusiastically agree'd as they began to head into the cave.

The cavern winded and twisted as it lead into the Depths. The Thump was ever present and somewhat louder than usual. But the Gnolls did not make the mental Connection between the two. They came across a vast chamber unlike any other they had seen. The sheer size blew their little minds. Up above they could see light filter down through the top of the mountain. It appears this mountain was once a Volcano. Though it was not particularly obvious from the Gnoll villages point of view. There were many large paths that seemed to lead deeper in the earth but the Gnoll's were more interested in what lied before them.

There was a small well like hole in front of them. The hole seemed incredibly deep. The skeletal remains of a Dwarf in chains stood before them leaned up against the well. "Is... it a beardy man? Why is a beardy man here? Don't they live on the north eastern island?" said one of the younger Gnolls in an inquisitive voice. The Oldest thinking he was being rather cool decided to pick up a nearby mace and whack off the Dwarf Skeleton's head. But he missed a little and hit it's shoulder. The Dwarf Skeleton began to fall backwards clattering as it loudly smashed around the narrow passage into the depths below. The Gnolls all froze and turned towards the Oldest one with a worried look. "I-It doesn't matter right? What's the worst that could happen?".

In that moment. The Gnolls noticed something. The Thump... was late? What how could that be? "We didn't break it did we...?". But soon enough the Thump returned on the 12th minute. The rest of the Villagers also noticed but were soon relieved to see it return. The Gnolls having soiled their collective loins at the thought of braking something irreparable scurried off back home.


9 Minutes after the first Irregular Thump. Another came. 8 Minutes, yet another. This continued faster and faster accelerating in frequency until it reached the Speed of a heartbeat. In that moment all fell silent. The Gnolls were scared and looked towards the mountain. A rumbling sound was heard, something deep and ancient had awoken. The Dwarven skeleton apparently having landed on her head was what had awoken her, a few more years and she would have awoken Naturally. Thundering along the large tunnels below the mountain Volmaht Ravostrax had regained consciousness. But her mind had not quite recovered. Her body was screaming for sustenance and a single thought dominated Volmaht's mind "I MUST FEED".

Soon she rushed up the Volcanic chasm roaring out flame that rained back down on her. Her body required heat as her Flame of Vitality was pushed to an all time low while she was dormant. Her strength was returning as her climbing speed began to accelerate. Pushing up through the chasm she burst forth in a engulfing inferno launching herself high into the hair. With Fire, Smoke and Ash following in her wake. The Volcanic chasm was made more obvious to the Gnolls as Volmaht had greatly damaged the mountain top with her Departure. At first the Gnolls thought that the Volcano had erupted. But as Volmaht gained altitude it became increasingly clear what they were looking at.

The large Dragon's ascent began to slow and she unfurled her Wings and began to assist in gaining further altitude. Moving into a Glide she passed over the Village of Gnolls. Their mouth's agape with Horror, as if some primal Instinct within them told them what it was they were witnessing, and it filled them with Fear. After a few powerful flaps of her Wings, her body ablaze from the earlier flame breath. And with that Terrifying appearance she unleashed the greatest roar she could muster. As if declaring to the world that she had returned. The roar was potent enough that the shockwave managed to capsize some of the fishing ships. Elderly and Young Gnolls were knocked flat on their backs, windows shattered and countless birds and animals began to flee on the nearby islets. It even produces a small potent wave that shattered the piers of the Gnoll village.

Slowly her mind began to return but her hunger and desire for food was still great. The flames on her body began to die down as she spotted a set of Fishing boats below. In one fell swoop she dove down to just above the ocean surface and snatched up the two boats filled with freshly caught Carp. What a delicious way to restart her life. As she was rather fond of Carp.

Settling down on an island south of her Lair, she took her time enjoying the fish. Not before scarfing down the pesky Gnolls. She wasn't fond of their taste but at this point anything will do, the fish is a simple luxury at this point. "Ah it feels wondrous to once again have Food in my stomach.". said Volmaht as she made herself more comfortable on the beach of the southern Island. "What wonderful weather too, The sun is an equally long lost friend it seems. As is the smell of the Ocean.". Enjoying the warmth on her scales and the smell that filled her nostrils Volmaht remained there for a short while. Still recovering a little bit from her earlier emergence. However she soon felt confident after chomping down some Trees near the beach. She spent a few hours overlooking her Lair and deemed that everything was in order. A quick dip in her hoard brought back some very pleasant memories and she was ecstatic to be among the waking once more. "I believe an excursion is in order! It will take some time regardless to re-establish some form of community here...". Volmaht chuckled to herself once she heard what she had said in her own head. "Yes community. That's what that was". Reminiscing back to the times when the local humanoids waited on her every whim and desire.

Soon enough Volmaht left her lair and took Flight. She began to head south towards Pyyria's mainland after ascending to a reasonable height just below the cloud layer. Eager to see what has become of Dragon-kind.

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