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New Friends (EarthWings) Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

New Friends (EarthWings) Dragon10
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New Friends (EarthWings)

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New Friends (EarthWings) Empty New Friends (EarthWings)

Post by Aura Mon Feb 16, 2015 4:14 pm

Side Character:

It had been about two to three weeks since Alphonse had decided to join the EarthWings to gather more information about the tribes and how this world worked. You see, Alphonse wasn't from this world. He was from another world that was much different from this one, in the sense that it had no dragons, and was much more advanced technologically than this world was. It had humans dominating the universe, and creatures called homunculi, and things Al missed, such as his friends. But this world was really interesting for him as well, which was why he wasn't trying harder to find out how to escape. Al thought he'd made a pretty memorable impression when he first joined. He had woken up in a forest to be greeted by an emerald dragon. He had been a little surprised at first, but had quickly gotten over it, wondering where his brother was. At first, Alphonse had assumed Edward had turned into a dragon as well. He was later proven  wrong, when he almost accidentally stepped on Edward, breaking his automail arm by accident. The other dragons had tried to eat Ed, with the exception of Ariki, the emerald dragon who had helped him find Edward. It had all ended terribly for Ed, but Alphonse had felt pretty good after meeting Ariki, for some reason.

Now Alphonse was doing research on this planet, specifically what the science of this world was. He hadn't met Cosmos yet, the king of the EarthWings, but heard that he was HUGE! And that Cosmos disliked humans for what they did to his family. So for now, Alphonse was content with staying away from the EarthWing king and queen. Sure, he wanted to meet them, but he cared more about his brother's life then he did about meeting a monarchy. He wasn't quite sure what Cosmos would think of his brother, and if Ed did something stupid, Al wasn't sure if he'd be able to over power Cosmos.... Alphonse twirled absently at a page about star physics, whatever that was suppose to be. Something dedicated to a dragon goddess named Astral or something.....

Remind me again why I'm here, Al? That was Edward, which lead to another thing that was another thing Alphonse didn't understand. For some reason, ever since they had came into this world, Al and Ed could communicate telepathically, which was a little weird for the both of them. They could sense each other's feelings, as well. It was kind of hard to explain, but it certainly helped Alphonse when another dragon was trying to hurt Ed, since Ed didn't even need to speak to him. He would just feel either his pain or his fear and he would know something was wrong.

I told you, I can't leave you alone at my den! It's too dangerous! Plus, I thought it would be much more exciting for you here. Al heard a mental groan from Ed. He knew Ed didn't like staying in one place for very long, but living with dragons made that.... difficult. If Ed still had his alchemy, Al'd let him do whatever he wanted. But Al still had to find time to fix Ed's arm.... he felt really guilty after breaking it in the first place.

Al felt as if Ed was about to say something to him, but suddenly, before Al could say "Alchemy" a green dragon launched through the library entrance and tackled Ed, pinning him to the ground with a soft thump!. He groaned, and Alphonse stood up instantly. He knew this dragon. Her name was Bramble. They had met on a hunt, and Bramble had SEEMED nice. That was, until Al had shown Bramble Edward. She had had him in her mouth faster then he had anticipated an EarthWing could move.

Bramble was much smaller then most EarthWings, about sixty feet tall. She had fierce, yellow eyes, and a nasty temperment. Worst of all, Bramble thought of humans as a delicacy, and continuously tried to convince Al to let her eat his brother. Everytime he refused, of course, but he felt that if he hung around her any more then he did, he might try to eat Ed himself. She always said such..... mouth-watering things about the way humans tasted. He tried to ignore her.

"Bramble!" shouted Al, running forward and shoving the EarthWing off of Ed, "For the millionth time, Ed is not food!" he said, but Bramble had already picked the human up, ignoring Alphonse and too engulfed in her lunch.

"Hey, Alphonse, how come you haven't eaten this thing? Haven't my cuisine lessons taught you anything?" she asked, shaking the human back and forth nonchalantly. Ed growled, but there wasn't much he could do about Bramble at the moment, with her holding one of his legs and dangling him upside down.

Alphonse quickly snatched Ed back from her, growling. He heard Ed complain And you wonder why I don't like Bramble.... or any of these winged tanks. Al had to agree that Bramble's methods were violent when handling creatures that weren't dragons, but she seemed pretty sweet when she wasn't talking about food.

"Aw, come on Alphonse! He's so tiny and tasty looking! Can't I just have a bite? Like, say, his other arm?" said Bramble hopefully, batting her eyelashes at Alphonse. Before Alphonse had a chance to reply to her, Ed shot back, fumming.

"Don't call me small, you over grown leaf lizard!" Bramble ignored Ed, almost as if he didn't exist. Bramble, however, didn't notice that another dragon was approaching Ed and herself. She was too busy thinking about human flesh melting in her mouth.

(Anyone can join, I don't mind.)

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New Friends (EarthWings) Empty Re: New Friends (EarthWings)

Post by Zoeya Wed Apr 01, 2015 8:17 am

((OOC: yet no one has yet. Until now....))

Zoey was flying around EarthWing territory, observing her new home. It felt strange not being on Earth, lying down next to Fiona, murdering each other in video games. She wondered if she would ever get back. She saw two Dragons, one male and one female. She also saw a miniature, ant-like (in size) figure.  She flew closer and landed a quite a few feet away; enough to get a glimpse at the tiny animal. As she got closer, she saw it was a Human - a male Human. She longed to come closer but she saw the Human wasn't exactly thrilled about Dragons. She thought about how the two dragons would laugh at her and how the Human would tease her and was tempted to just fly away. But she started approaching mindlessly. "Hiya!" she blurted out mindlessly. What have I gotten myself into...?

((OOC: sorry if these seem short i have like 0 time to write these things))

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