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An Empire Rises (ALL NIGHTWINGS REQUIRED) - Page 3 Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

An Empire Rises (ALL NIGHTWINGS REQUIRED) - Page 3 Dragon10
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Post by Oculus Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:50 pm

First topic message reminder :

A message, written on paper, has been posted all over the Night Wing Kingdom.  There were very little words on it, but they all held very high importance.

Effective Immediately, all Advisors are stripped of there rank and  have lost all their authority.  Important meeting in Imperial Capital.  New policies coming into effect.  Announcement at Imperial Capital midday today.

And that was all there was on the note.  Many of them were posted all around, on caves walls, trees, outside posts, even a few of them floated around, carried in the breeze.  Oculus had sent one of his two most trusted guards to post the notices during the middle of night.  He now sat on the throne are that had once been occupied by someone he had looked up to, Gemini, was now occupied by himself.  He had been told he was going to take over Gemini's position due to unknown reasons, but he was still nervous.  Plans had been made, and he would see them through.  It was just weird to know that he now was responsible for every single one out their within the Night Wing territory.  Laying down, he had curtains blocking the area he was laying down on, with his two loyal guards sitting ever so attentive, one one each side.  On a lower platform, there were three unoccupied seats, seats he planned on filling up very soon.  Looking at his right paw, he winced, thinking of the coming pain.  He had a ceremonial dagger laid down next to him, and a fire in front of him.   Each guard had a similar cut on their right paw.  Oculus let out a deep sigh, waiting for more people to file into the chamber so that he could make the announcements, and hopefully cool any angered drakes who's authority he had just swiped.  Clenching his wrapped right paw, he looked at the drapes, listening to see how many people had come yet.  Not enough yet.....need more... he though, but patience was thin as his nerves were high.  He had to empower many today, prove himself to them all, so that he may attain loyal followers, and hopefully, willing followers to take an oath.

Note:  There will be high ranking positions available, but if you do not post here, you will not get them.
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An Empire Rises (ALL NIGHTWINGS REQUIRED) - Page 3 Empty Re: An Empire Rises (ALL NIGHTWINGS REQUIRED)

Post by Tenebris Mon Apr 13, 2015 3:42 pm

By now it no doubt had become all to apparently that Tenebris has remained silent. He watched with his shrewd eerie sapphire glare giving mute scrutiny towards NightFlares dramatic entrance, the entry resulted in a large smirk to spread across his maw, showing his uncharacteristic white gleaming fangs. Raising his right forearm he used his darkened talons to run over the silver metallic breastplate which covered his front, his index claw trailing over the engraved imagery as he sat ever in his majestic imposing posture as if demanding respect and authority even now.

Alone with his own musing, Tenebris contemplated with his own subconscious. As far as he was concerned in this moment those in the chamber didn't exist, merely faceless shadows as his thoughts raced through his head. He found himself wondering if NightFlare realised just how transparent she really was, she maintained herself with grace but all knew the truth. She was a creature of the theatre although shamefully couldn't uphold the role she desired to play. By now Tenebris believed it would of occurred to the creature which was NightFlare that others knew of her true nature. A being what had only ambition for power, no depth in that crave but simply dominance and a desire to bring forth anarchy and discord.

Tenebris continued to represent himself with his smug smirk as his eerie glare remained fixated upon NightFlare as she moved. Tenebris thought to himself that clearly others would know by now how ostensible it was that NightFlare was the antagonist of the entire Tribe. It was almost an idealistic battle in the manner in which Tenebris thought as he saw himself and Nightflare as the natural opposites to one another, adversaries what represent chaos and order, discord and structure, both embodiment's of their goals and desires.

Tenebris recently had gone out of his way to paint the creature as nothing more than the Demon she shared blood with, it was all to clear that Tenebris using his resources as a Scholar ensured that all knew of the dangers of her from his personal previous experiences he had witnessed and even then still makes it a note to point out the monster and the ambiguous rumours surrounding her to any young new candidates to the NightWing Culture. He now felt himself amused as he finally came back to reality as his gaze shifted towards Oculus, waiting his intentions in regards to this new arrival.
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An Empire Rises (ALL NIGHTWINGS REQUIRED) - Page 3 Empty Re: An Empire Rises (ALL NIGHTWINGS REQUIRED)

Post by Oculus Tue Apr 14, 2015 4:11 pm

Smiling at Allistair, he smiled.  While he would have rather her repeat the words, it was not as necessary as the others, but important nonetheless.  He thought over it now.  He had three of the four he wanted, but the fourth position just did not seem to fit anyone just yet.  He was glad that it was not as important as the rest, so finding someone could wait, or he could make amends to his previous plan.  Things were finally starting to fall into place, causing a smile to adorn his face.  His happiness was quickly vanquished as it turned into a scowl as none other than NightFlare entered the room, and making as much of a ruckus as possible.  Oculus was almost disappointed she didn't try to strike him, or make blatant lies to try and destroy his plan, because then he would have killed her.  It wasn't his half sister, so he did not feel the need to show her any mercy, especially with Flare's history.

Casting a glance at Allistair, he then looked down, leaning towards NightFlare.  "And let me welcome you into my hall" he spoke very quietly, before placing his paw on her shoulder, and shoving her off the step she stood on.  "And let me tell you, something!  You think a little cute speech you make will make you seem so loyal, so ready to serve?  All I see is a blatant nuisance that makes pathetic excuses for tardiness!  Tardiness has no role in this new society!  You want power?  A strong position?  You will get nothing with your tardiness!  And neither will you get anywhere with pathetic, made up excuses!  I know what Gemini sent you on, and you could have easily show up on time, but instead you come in here, interrupt everyone, and try and make a show of yourself!  You WILL now sit quietly down with the rest, and not make a sound, or be escorted out forcefully!" Oculus growled at NightFlare, knowing of Gemini's disdain for the drakka, and he carried it too.  Glancing at Xangor, he nodded his head towards NightFlare.  "See to it she seats herself and remains quiet.  If she doesn't, deal with her how you see fit."

Letting out a loud sigh, Oculus turned and looked at Allistair.  "I must apologize, my new royal messenger, for that unfortunate interruption."  Speaking much quieter now, forcing himself to calm down, Oculus continued, pulling out a pendant and holding it out for Allistair (Will find new design for it, feel free to PM suggestions, but  below will be pic of it as it is now, unless it changes later).  "Now this symbol here marks her as a royal messenger.  You will NOT impede her in any way, shape, or form.  Delaying her in any way will be treated as delaying the entire Night Wings society.  If you see her on a mission, assist if possible, or stay out of the way to not divert her from her tasks," he spoke, looking in Xangor's direction, as he had plans for Xangor that would probably have him run into her several times.  "Alistair will report to me, and I will punish those that delay her as if they delayed myself.  now Allistair, please stay here, along with Tenebris and Xangor at the end, I must speak with you three. Oculus spoke, standing and looking over the crowed to make sure they got the point to not mess with Allistair.  "Do not take today as a day of fear, of what will happen.  I'll tell you what will happen.  First, we were a broken people, and now, we will unite.  We will become the great nation that every other tribe has tried to achieve and failed!  We will surpass the rest with our power and skill, and rightfully so!  Those that shall impede us shall be removed, while those that prompt this new NightWing society shall be repaid.  Everyone shall have a job in this new society, from soldier, to guard, to cook, scout, farmer, and so on.  Those that serve willingly and loyally shall be treated fairly and generously.  Taking a slight pause to catch his breath, remembering how much he hated speeches, he pushed the last bit out, "Today, the Night Wing Tribe is dead.  From it, the Night Wing Empire rises!  We are sophisticated people, and have surpassed the name Tribe.  From this day forth, calling us a tribe is now an insult unless spoken about in the pass, as we will now only recognize the title Empire!"  Stopping now to catch his breath, he cast a look at Tenebris, seeing and partially hoping that Tenebris would have something to say.  He was always better at words than he, and Oculus just hoped his own words were not too harsh.
An Empire Rises (ALL NIGHTWINGS REQUIRED) - Page 3 Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRV4no762S3SDKSn4pdTLh06_nIhoOZa4th4gVGFnIhIEcvsAFF
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An Empire Rises (ALL NIGHTWINGS REQUIRED) - Page 3 Empty Re: An Empire Rises (ALL NIGHTWINGS REQUIRED)

Post by NightFlare Tue Apr 14, 2015 4:32 pm

((I honestly have no idea how to react to that post, Ocu..... also, sorry for short post, cause I just really wanted to reply to this, even though I didn't have any inspiration. Razz And as for anyone who wants to complain about Shi being in this post, saying he is only involved in important plot points involving Nightflare, this is an important plot point.))

Night looked up at Oculus, a quite honest look of surprise on her face. Oculus was acting..... strange. Perhaps it was her reputation, and the fact she had murdered the previous adviser of the chaotic nightwings. Whatever it was, Night decided she needed to make up for it. She needed to show Oculus that she could be trusted. But she couldn't sign the bloodoath. Why? Because of reasons she could not discuss with her new king.

"Yes, your majesty. I apologize for barging in like this." she said, avoiding eye contact with the king, and curling her tail around her legs.

Before Xangor could reach her, she bowed, and walked over to the other dragons without saying a word. Her posture even changed. It was no longer proud and arrogant like before. It was submissive. Her head was not held low, but she did not flaunt around like an arrogant fool. Did she want a death wish? No. She knew her place in this monarchy. She would not let Oculus misinterperate her intentions. Her intentions to serve him. She would have to do something to make him think she was loyal, but what? Her reputation had grown far too much.

She sat next to Neru, her eyes fixed with concentration. She did not appear to be plotting anything, and did not care if the other chaotic NightWings began to lose faith in her as a leader. She needed to please the new king. She hadn't been able to persuade Gemini to like her, considering their rivaled past. But Oculus, like she had thought before, was a different story.

She lowered her head, but did not lie down. For doing such would be insulting to the new king. She ignored Neru, and watched the king with an intent look on her face. She listened as he spoke of a civilized society. That would surely crush the dreams of any rebel who had hoped to overthrow the thrown.

As for when Cele said hi, Nightflare did flash a quick, barely noticeable smile in Celestia's direction.
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An Empire Rises (ALL NIGHTWINGS REQUIRED) - Page 3 Empty Re: An Empire Rises (ALL NIGHTWINGS REQUIRED)

Post by Xangor Wed Apr 15, 2015 4:12 am

Xangor smiled contented after seeing Oculus reaction. The leader has decided to not give NightFlare a chance. Oculus was probably well informed about her decepetion and he didn't feel to give her something. Xangor would have prefered to see NightFlare dead at this point. Keeping her alive was a mistake, but Oculus had certainly some plans to keep NightFlare in check. Xangor nodded at Oculus order, staring at NightFlare to control her actions. She didn't cause troubles, but she returned back to her spot. After Oculus assigned Allistair her new job, the new leader started a new speech. Xangor agreed about every single word. At this point it was time for Xangor to make his own announcement. "I'd like to say something in addition to your words, Emperor Oculus." Xangor asked with a bow before to look at the crowd, standing near Oculus as to communicate the new leader would count on his loyalty. "Now listen me, NightWings." Xangor spoke with a growl that commanded immediate attention from every single dragon in the room. "Don't misunderstand our Emperor. He doesn't want to appear as a dictactor and he doesn't want to act bad towards others." Xangor knew some rebels would attempt to start a revolution accusing Oculus to be a dictactor. Xangor wanted to shut up those people early. "Truth is our majesty is fair and benevolent. In our realm full of corruption, greed and discrepancy the Emperor would have decided to imprison or kill all the troublemarkers. He's instead allowing everyone of you to have a role within the NightWings. In exchange he only asks loyalty towards him and the empire." Xangor did a brief pause. This speech looked generic, but in truth it was particularly referred to NightFlare. She was known to be the greatest troublemaker inside the tribe and she would be a great example to use. In fact Xangor's eyes were especially pointed towards her, like to remind everyone that NightFlare was guilty of terrible crimes. "However there can't be prosperity until dragons will show selfishness. Criminals will be brought to justice so peace can be restored." Xangor was really serious and his dominnering and fearsome aspect would be a good reason to everyone to not argue. "There can't be progress without order. Rebels and outlaws will be punished as well so they can learn to show obedience." Xangor was finally going to reach the end of speech, proving to be himself a sort of politician. His attitude was firm and severe, not a inch of hesitation from his voice. Although Xangor has followed a military carrier, he knew the importance to be a good speaker. Xangor has many qualities, besides to be a great Guardian. "I'm sure many will keep plotting against the empire. It will take some time to perfect the unification, but once every NightWing will be adressed, peace and prosperity will follow. Then nothing can stop the NightWings from becoming the most powerful empire ever. The other tribes will fear us and even the humanity, the greatest enemy of dragon kind, will subdue in front of our strenght. Now it is your chance to join this project and be part of it." Xangor finally concluded. However he still had something else to say. It was his official announcement. "I'll be the first to give the example. I'm going to officially shut down my group, the Evil NightWings. Now we become the NightWings Enforcers. As the new title suggests, we'll be enforcers of the law under Oculus leadership." Xangor finally finished to speak.
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