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Lynx the Loyal (Updated) Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Lynx the Loyal (Updated) Dragon10
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Lynx the Loyal (Updated)

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Lynx the Loyal (Updated) Empty Lynx the Loyal (Updated)

Post by Lynx Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:35 pm

Name: Lynx
Alias: Lynx the Loyal, Huntress
Age: 26 years
Gender: Female
Personality: Lynx has a temper. She would show it if she's angered, but that is very rare. She is loyal to her friends and tribe mates. Lynx is normally shy around dragons she doesn't know well. Otherwise she can be a great friend. Lynx also loves to help out other dragons, and definitely her tribe and mate. She might be stubborn at some times, not wanting to leave a dragons side.

Interests: Create ice art, hunting, flying.
Dislikes: Be teased, very hot heat.
Fears: Fear of being hated, or kicked out of the tribe.

General Appearance
Height: 35 feet.
Scales: Light blue.
Eyes: Black
Appearance: Lynx is a light blue with darker blue horns that are straight, A tan underbelly. She is about 70 feet long.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Icewing
Rank: Tracker
Family: (All made up except Wolf) Lynx has a older sister named Wolf(Areo's alt), her Father is Tundra, and her Mother is Shimmer.
Mate: Cordath
Hatchlings: N/A
Trainee(Wanted to add): Akull

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Good flier, not as good as Skywings, lithe and silent.
Special Abilities: Can create ice on water or out of moisture, breathing hail, snow, sleet, or icy rain, or cold winds. She can also locate some animals near her, and has a very good hunting ability, better than most.
Weaknesses: Not very happy around fire or heat, unless she's around Cordath.
Combat Style: Quick strikes, and flying maneuvers.

History: See below V
RP Sample: (The Final Trial)"Lynx. Come here please." Her mentor, Windchill, commanded her. "This is your final assessment. I know you can do this though. You're one of the Icewing's best hunters, and even the queen said so." He gripped her shoulder. "Here she comes, and be brave, Huntress." He mentor walked away to stand with the queen. Lynx took a deep breath. Her claws sunk into the frozen ice, and she pried them out, kneading the ice. The queen strode over to her. "Lynx. You task, to become a full fledged hunt, is to hunt the rarest beast of the tundra; The woolly mammoth." Lynx gasped. This was the largest creature in the ice lands, and it was big. As big as her, even. "Ok. I won't fail." Lynx replied, the flew off to begin the hunt. Where should she start? Diving to the east, she spotted a herd of elk. 'No, that's the wrong animal.' She thought.

After flying for hours, the sun set. She couldn't go back empty handed, could she? Spotting a small cave, Lynx ducked inside. The cave was illuminated with a faint grow from the long hallway in the back. She walked closer to the blue light, and soon ended up in a large cave. Crystals glittered and radiated blue waves of light, and strange carvings show dragons, probably Icewings, flying, hunting, fighting, and breathing beams of ice. Then, a tickling at the back of her mind grew. Touch the crystals, the tickling said. "What?" Lynx said to the voice, out loud. It bounced around the room, echoing like a never ending voice. She thought and decided to obey the voice, and touched the closest crystal. Suddenly, energy surged though her, fizzing. The crystal began to form a layer of ice, and so did the floor, coming out from where Lynx touched it. {Good. Now you have earned a new power. You can find and locate animal near you, so it will be easier to hunt the mammoth.} One of the pictures on the wall moved to face Lynx. {I am Bear, one of the best hunters of the Icewing tribe. And you, are my descendant.}

Suddenly, Lynx woke up. She was still in the cave. "What just happened? Was that a dream?" She said to herself. Something seem to pulse in her mind, like a heartbeat, then a mouse shot out of a crack. The dream was real! he got the power that Bear had given her.Grabbing it, and flying out of the cave, Lynx started home. But then she remember that she needed to catch the woolly mammoth. Then, a roar started in her head. There it was, the largest creature in the tundra; the mammoth. Leaping into action, she dove towards it, then hooked her claws in its fur. It howled, trying to throw her off. But Lynx held on, and brought her jaws onto it neck. The pulsing began to fade, fade away...
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Lynx the Loyal (Updated) Empty Re: Lynx the Loyal (Updated)

Post by Cosmos Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:52 pm

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