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Nikolina Findorr [White Snow Goddess ] (DONE) Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Nikolina Findorr [White Snow Goddess ] (DONE) Dragon10
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Nikolina Findorr [White Snow Goddess ] (DONE)

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Nikolina Findorr [White Snow Goddess ] (DONE) Empty Nikolina Findorr [White Snow Goddess ] (DONE)

Post by Nikolina Findorr Tue Nov 10, 2015 1:52 am

Nikolina Findorr [White Snow Goddess ] (DONE) Lms__ice_dragon_by_ananovik-d7ebmj1
Personal Info
Name: Nikolina Findorr
Alias: Snow Goddess, Findorr Prodigy, and White Goddess
Age: 1,550
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

  • Nikolina is a very wise dragon for her age. She prefers to gather intelligence and things through instead of rushing into battle, but because the family she was born into she is sometimes forced to make rash and poorly planned decision. Being a solider as early as she was able to be, she has become a strong, prideful, and protective person of whatever she stands for. Nikolina loves just as easily as he breaths.

    She loves making powerful friendships and having people to rely and believe in to seek common goals. Nikolina at times can be very sneaky and sly, people consider her an excellent actor or liar having swindled her way out of several situations. Nikolina is very kind and compassionate. Being an "Angel" she is very wise and intelligent.

    Yet oblivious to newer things or ideals of others. She is very self righteous, reliable and  trustworthy. She servers no one but thought of good hear and intent but could be easily swayed by feelings of love or lust. She will also fight for values she or her adversarys deems nessacary for the betterment of the world. She is not fond on beings tied to darkness, either physically, emotionally, or spiritually, her purpose is to kill them or restrain them on site.


  • Flying: When flying at Max speed Nikolina feels a sense of freedom. It offers her a chance to feel and remember what her time as a tracker had been.

  • History: Niklolina has always been one to seek out and read historical context. It gives her a sense of enlightment and knowledge.

  • Dragon Anatomy: Nikolina has recently grown to appreciate theto anatomy of dragons. It helps her better learn how to enhance his own physical prowess while also giving her a slight strategical edge against other dragons.


  • Electricity: Having being a beast of the sky Nikolina has had her share with thunder and lightning. Although it doesn't harm him much the sensation of being shocked alone is enough for her to stay away.

  • Nightwings: The night wings have been a dominant enemy against the Findorr Clan for years. Many of Nikolina's family and friends have fallen or taken damage from Nightwing attacks.

  • Fish: Out of all food in which she may chose to eat it would seem that fish is not the most pleasing food on his list. She hates the oily and scale ridden fast of fish. Although she can eat them he chooses not to.


  • Nikolina only fear is losing a friend or a loved one even if he does not admit to this his actions are evident of this claim.

General Appearance
Height: 110ft
Scales: Pale Whitish Grey
Eyes: Frost Blue

  • Nikolina is a medium build yet slender Icewing. Her whitish grey scales are covered by a multicolored fur. The most dominant color being white with several shades of icy blue andicy sunset purple. Her facial features appear similar to a cat like beast with whiskers stemming from the side of the nostril area. From the top of her head Nikolina has grayish white horns than end off with black tips. Nikolina has black thick bushy eyebrows which shroudes her Frost Blue eyes from sight by shade. Her palms act similarly to paws as her highly sharp and serrated claws are retractable until she feels she needs them.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: IceWing Tribe
Rank: Guardian

  • Findorr Clan:

    The Findorr clan is a gender and race divided small group of powerful and fearful Lightwing and Icewing warriors whose purpose since their arrival in their respective tribes as been to act as Guardians or Trackers. It has been said that the founder of this clan was originally a powerful Semi God who served under the Tribe Leader and assumed the role of his most trusted friend and closest advisor. Therefore the powerful Semi God bred a small elite army to serve the Lightwing and Icewing tribe in a attempt to form a treaty. The male branch is station in the Lightwing Tribe and serves as guardians. The female branch serves as trackers or on rare occasion guardians. Nikolina's parents are the current Queen of the Female branch and a Icewing commoner. Findorr Clan due his ability of mastering and manipulating their respective elements,  the clans have created three sacred for both male and female branches.

Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities

  • Speed: Due to her time spent as a tracker Niklaus has grown to become quite a speedy beast. She may sometimes use her special ability to manipulate ice to produce a burst of icy winds propelling her forward to increase speed.

  • Enhanced Senses: From the time she was hatched Nikolina had been pushed much harder then any Dragon to survive. She would train her mind, body, and spirit for countless amount of days therefore she has much better senses then the average dragon.

  • Courage: Growing up within the Findorr Clan, while also being raised as a warrior forced this Dragon to learn at an early age that fear could be the only thing keeping you from an early death. In sight of this she has been pushed to her limit and even further to overcome fear. For thoughs that know Nikolina, they could certainly say that she is a Dragon who is no longer is affected by fear.

  • Fast Learner: Noted as the  Female Prodigy of the Findorr Clan, Nikolina has a unique skill to learn anything she puts her mind to with a high degree of effort. While even in battle she is often able to quickly learn how the skills of his foes work giving her an edge.

Special Abilities:

The Findorr Clan possesses a unique ability to manipulate their magic even further then what most dragons are able to accomplish. With this skill one is able to create shapes or even temporarily change the form of the magic they produce... With this in hand the Findorr Clan we're able to create Hidden Techniques that only members of the clans may learn and use.

  • Some no mai, Tsukishiro (First Dance, White Moon): Nikolina moves her wings in a rhythmic motion just as she roars at her opponent,  summoning a white icy circle to form beneath them before powerful ice magic springing upwards encasing them in a huge cylindrical pillar of ice, which proceeds to shatter alongside the enemy caught within it hopefully destroying them as well. Instead Nikolina may also choose to keep the target frozen to serve a damaging attack of her own.  Against larger bulkier, or even armored foes this attack is reduced to only temporarily being able to slow down opponents by hendering their ability to fly.

  • Tsugi no mai, Hakuren (Next Dance, White Ripple): Nikolina, by calling out the name of the dance and moving in a rhythmic motion, Nikolina summons a constantly growing powerful ice circle below her. Soon enough the circle will began to release particles that float upwards signifying the techniques ready for use. As ice particles begin to flow up from the circle, she takes a battle stance. The particles, building up at the tip of her mouth, are released through a roar as a large, powerful avalanche of cold air. It flash freezes whatever it comes into contact with, encasing it in ice. This ability is less effective against large or bulky foes as they can break the ice easier. User must stay stationary while charging this ability which takes a single post.


  • Selflessness: This may not seem as a major weakness but Nikolina has a irresistible tendency to put herself before other which may lead him to being tricked by her enemies.

  • Flight Maneuver: While being able to fly extremely fast Nikolina is not quiet able to handle maneuvering at those speeds leaving her open to flying into enemy attacks.

  • Fire: While it does not affect her directly, Nikolina's ability to summon or cast her abilities maybe hendered if large amounts of fire and heat face it.

Combat Style:

Nikolina prefers to fight in quick bursts of speed with powerful techniques, and burst and breaths of.icy. In other words she prefers to fight using the very energy he can produce using her clans special techniques and  speed.


  • Nikolina was born over 1,550 years ago all alone within the compounds of the Findorr residence in the female division.  Her mother the leader and Queen of the female divison and father a normal Icewing commoner wanted nothing more than to raise their daughter as a warrior of good. During her time as an egg she was sent away to a special closed location used for.raining hatchlings of the female division of the Findorr Clan because, there was a tragic war over 1,551 years go which resulted in the need of every female clan member able to help find off the threat. while still in his egg was sent away to a small secluded family of icewings who served a tracker unit for the Findorr Clan when needed.

    For the next 550 year she was raised by the tracker unit and were thought their ways. She had become a young speedy dragon who would soar through the skies and on occasion preformed tracker missions. But upon her 551'st birthday they would come for her... The new and improved Findorr Clan's women's division, who seeked the only offspring to the current female leader of the clan. Having still been to young, the clan could not appoint Nikolina as a guardian. Nikolina was as well out under the care of her mother's strongest warrior and forced to learn the customs of the Findorr Clan. She was also forced to abandon her previous family and her tracker days. She 500 years later, was now a Guardian a Findorr Guardian.  This was a period of sadness for Nikolina but after discovering that he was able to learn any and all of the Findorr's secret abilities.

    This was also a feat that only her grandmother had accomplished. So as the years progressed her mother would eventually step down in a attempt to focus on raising and perfecting the skills and intelligence of Nikolina. Having him rid herself of fears, learned the secret techniques, and life fulfilment. This could lead to the doorway they batter life in general for the still rather young dragon.

RP Sample:

  • The white field of snow covered the chilled lands of the territory of the Icewings. Nikolina, the princess to one of the Icewing Tribes faithful sub division clans, rests upon a giant cliff overlooking her home. A cold heavy breezebody would dance along the fur of her body, filling her lungs in the process with the oxygen and water rich air. She would slowly raise as her retractable claws would extend outwards gripping the rough edge of the cliff. With a prideful roar she would slowly raise her wings allowing the air to lightly lift her body before she would leap from her resting spot in a swan dive towards the city.

    Falling towards the ground with a dangerous speed Nikolina would wait for the perfect opportunity to soar into the sky like her heart desired. Just moments from hitting the ground another strong gust of chilled wind would push against the young dragons body as she angled her wings upward lifting her once again, but this time that wind allowed her to zoom forward gliding into the sky. This is what freedom meant to Nikolina, the ability to soar through the skies as her worries would melt away even among the harsh temperatures...

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Nikolina Findorr
Nikolina Findorr
IceWing Guardian
IceWing Guardian

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Nikolina Findorr [White Snow Goddess ] (DONE) Empty Re: Nikolina Findorr [White Snow Goddess ] (DONE)

Post by Nikolina Findorr Tue Nov 17, 2015 9:51 pm

Bumpity For Being Finished.
Nikolina Findorr
Nikolina Findorr
IceWing Guardian
IceWing Guardian

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Nikolina Findorr [White Snow Goddess ] (DONE) Empty Re: Nikolina Findorr [White Snow Goddess ] (DONE)

Post by Sly Wed Nov 18, 2015 6:59 pm

I really like this app for all the uniqueness and creativity you have put into this, as well as the effort made. This shows that you are probably one of the stronger elite RPers out there. The character is almost ready for approval, but you may need to add a bit of limitation for each ability. E.g. What are the drawbacks, and what can foes do to dodge them? They may need nerfing because they both sound like sure-kill abilities (shattered to death or flash frozen to death).

Bump when done.
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Nikolina Findorr [White Snow Goddess ] (DONE) Empty Re: Nikolina Findorr [White Snow Goddess ] (DONE)

Post by Nikolina Findorr Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:49 pm

Changes have been made via Flynn and sLy's conversations. Also thanks I highly appreciate the compliment. I have to say that rping on this site will be extremely hard for me considering my slight dislike with the theme. In sight of this putting more detail and love into my character will make it more enjoyable to use and hopefully slowly but surely my feelings of dislike will slowly fade. Also to avoid any confusion no it's not the sites theme I dislike it's the overall concept of rping with Animals/Beasts/Creatures like Dragons.
Nikolina Findorr
Nikolina Findorr
IceWing Guardian
IceWing Guardian

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Nikolina Findorr [White Snow Goddess ] (DONE) Empty Re: Nikolina Findorr [White Snow Goddess ] (DONE)

Post by Sly Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:54 pm


Notify an admin to give you the tribe colour and badge.
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Nikolina Findorr [White Snow Goddess ] (DONE) Empty Re: Nikolina Findorr [White Snow Goddess ] (DONE)

Post by Hyruu Fri Nov 20, 2015 4:33 pm

Username changed to match the character's name
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