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Congress of Shadows Refuge [ALL invited] Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Congress of Shadows Refuge [ALL invited] Dragon10
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Congress of Shadows Refuge [ALL invited]

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Congress of Shadows Refuge [ALL invited] Empty Congress of Shadows Refuge [ALL invited]

Post by Tenebris Sun Dec 06, 2015 3:14 pm

(For those interested the events what have lead to this moment are here and here, respectively.)

Couriers and messengers had been sent throughout Pyyria while criers announced it in the Capitals. The methods varied but all carried the same core purpose within the message. It was an invitation, a summons to the island region of Shadows Refuge, the native residence of the Grand Vizier of the NightWing Empire. The directive of the call was to meet in a Congress, a gathering of equals of the Empire and beyond as kin to discuss and debate the future prospects and current impact of the NightWing Empire itself through open free dialogue unscrutinised by status or privilege. Dignitaries and representatives were encouraged that they would be received with open wings while nationals of the Empire had a gravity to attend and answer the call for the greater good.
The courtyard of the Citadel had been refurbished and vitalised for the ceremonial occasion. Even in the lands of the NightWings the centre was unnaturally green as if found in the meadows of the EarthWings, while the battlements were littered with sapphire, violet and ebony banners which seemed to be caught in a mild breeze radiating from the ocean, all bore the heraldry of Tenebris what appeared to depict two Dragons rampant to one another supporting a crown, one wields a sword as a symbol of might and the other a royal scepter as a symbol of leadership. The sun was at its highest, and its ancestral gaze consumed all corners of the courtyard, leaving no lurking darkness. For many the day would be like any other, the creatures of the land would hunt and prey upon one another while many Dragons would continue their day to day activities paying no heed to the understanding that the events what would transpire here today would become a legacy of the ages.
The radiance of the sun made Tenebris himself slightly uncomfortable, but as he stood upon the raised staircase leading to the Keep itself his form seemed unnatural and foreboding due to the contrast of his dark scales but at close inspection one would see the hues of violet and obsidian catch the light in such a manner he seemed a seraph. His regal gracious stature made him somewhat imposing while his eerie metallic eyes scanned those few already present and awaited more. His presence was other worldly and ethereal as his stoic apathetic expression was emotionless, awaiting for the right moment to address the others.
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Congress of Shadows Refuge [ALL invited] Empty Re: Congress of Shadows Refuge [ALL invited]

Post by Valdys Mon Dec 07, 2015 1:32 pm

The new 'congress' venue was a sight to behold. Banners showing the Lordship of Tenebris over Shadow's Refuge and a bright green colour displayed everywhere, akin to a colour Earthwings may find themselves coloured or a colour trees became in the height of summer. The messengers had told as many as possible of this democratic event, and Valdys could see many attending. Of course, she would prefer to see the Emporer remain on his throne, instead of the possible outcome of.. Well, whatever dethroning him entailed (Valdys did have a few ideas). She believed he was a wonderful ruler, and while she would never admit it to anyone here on the Refuge, especially not anywhere near Tenebris, Valdys knew that the Lord could be slightly manipulative and he would take advantage of a situation or dragon when he could. Of course, this was only information passed on to her from others, as she had never met the dragon in person.

Through the vast, gathering crowds, Valdys knew she may not get a good look at Tenebris from a close distance, but she would definitely hear him. In fact, she was eager to have a snoop around the area. What if he planned to put an end to Oculus' reign? From what she knew of him, he was a great dragon. It would be a disaster, and who knows? Perhaps her job would be stripped from her, or she'd have to serve under a government: miscommunications and mixed ideas often got in the way a career serving rulers. Miscommunication was not an option in her career.
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Congress of Shadows Refuge [ALL invited] Empty Re: Congress of Shadows Refuge [ALL invited]

Post by Hyruu Mon Dec 07, 2015 2:37 pm

Loque walked in the Congress, casually looking around him. The courtyard of the Shadow Refuge never has been so lively and so ornamented. Well at least since he arrived in the Nightwing territories. For a second he stopped, simply looking at how the usually desert gardens now were crowded and decorated.
Among the dragons present he spotted one of the Trackers that participated in the hunting games with him and of course Tenebris. The Grand Vizir was calm like usual, his figure imposing among the other dragons. Today was an important day for him, and for the totality of the Nightwings. The young Magistrate couldn't help but let out a sigh at this thought. Troubled times were coming, times that weren't unlike those when he arrived among the Nightwings. Plotting, division and uncertainty. Well this time at least he would have a role in the events.
Loque continued to walk among the dragons, trying to see if there were some others that he knew.
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Congress of Shadows Refuge [ALL invited] Empty Re: Congress of Shadows Refuge [ALL invited]

Post by Sly Tue Dec 08, 2015 1:59 am

Another day befallen. Ironic was the sun to illuminate what would soon transpire an age of war and conflict, another dark age of pain and fear. A sky so blue and clear, without a thing to focus on. It was like the dragons that the greater gods watch over. They had no sense of direction. Only to go with their pure instincts, what they entailed as right, and use whatever means necessary to achieve that goal—a lesser goal no doubt. Shadows Refuge was one of those rare and exotic places separated from the battlefield of claws and politics. And today was to mark quite an event for a Congress, managed by none other than the Grand Vizier himself. The gardens, for years a deserted resting place for the scholars or those who favoured peace, finally brimmed with life. The Nightwings, of all size and different colours gathered to stand before him. A garden that would try and rival the beauty of the Earthwing gardens, Sly would assume, but he knew all too well that the Earthwings were far too superior in that area of expertise. Nonetheless, if shown to the lesser minds, they would be similarly impressed. Banners of Tenebris were unstrung and hung over the battlements overwatching the Congress, alive and stimulated by even a simple whisper of the wind.

Though if anyone were to search the crowd, Sly would not be among them. But he would be participating the Congress. After all, he owed so much to the Grand Vizier for providing him a vast library to sharpen his skills upon alchemy and medicines. To him, Tenebris gave him a new home away from the battle-hungry mob that rested within the Empire. If any dragon were to look up upon the second floor balcony, lined by tall archways, they could see the green eyes of the Combat Healer, sitting inside the shadows and watching.

Sly had been extremely busy lately. On one end he had a meeting with the Earthwings and had hoped to gain their apprenticeship under secrecy. The other, another apprenticeship with the Necromancer. Today would perhaps be one of those rare days he was let off, and there he could participate in the Congress. Actually Sly never knew there was a Congress until the last ten minutes when he asked about the ruckus outside his lab. He had a brief summary of what Tenebris would address to the Nightwings who were interested in ‘passing this legacy’. This was outside his own character—to dabble in something as high as politics or thrones, or even the future of the NW Empire. What got him interested was that he knew Tenebris’s antagonism towards their current leader, Oculus, and he wanted to see for himself what the Grand Vizier had to say about the current events that had transpired.

First the abolishment of the alliance with the Firewings, then the invasion of rogue territories between the Nightwings and the Icewings, and now a letter with a possible declaration of war or annexation. Truly, these were dark times.

Sly stepped forward to the rails, allowing the sun to warm his black scales. He didn’t want to blend in with the crowd, so he settled with this much…higher ground. Though he wasn’t far from Tenebris’s sights, if he chose to look up and turn right.

And so he waited for what he had to say…
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Congress of Shadows Refuge [ALL invited] Empty Re: Congress of Shadows Refuge [ALL invited]

Post by Alistair Thu Dec 10, 2015 6:12 pm

Alistair was somewhat pleased as she learned about a Gathering in NightWing territory. There hadn't been a Gathering since, say, probably since she had been promoted to Royal Messenger. It's been that long. And, as she had picked up rumors, the Night Fury also discovered that there could possibly be other dragons from different Tribes there. Alistair wasn't sure whether to fill thrilled or wary or angry about that, but she was still pleased about there being a Gathering. Even more pleased that Tenebris had called for it; that meant that her friend would be there, although he would be busy.

Walking into the Congress, Alistair really stood out for a NightWing. Black and red she was in scales, she had an odd color scheme in her pelt and a Night Fury appearance, which wasn't common. In fact, the only other NightWing she knew that was a Night Fury was Celestia, Tenebris' adopted daughter. Mingling with NightWings made Alistair feel at home, although she was never true-bred. She more looked forward to business, and maybe even speaking with Tenebris towards the end.
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Congress of Shadows Refuge [ALL invited] Empty Re: Congress of Shadows Refuge [ALL invited]

Post by Kenina Fri Dec 11, 2015 12:41 pm

After the catastrophe at the EarthWing feast the FireWings seemed to have disappeared as a threat to the world. Instead the NightWings were the tribe on everyone's radar and dragons everywhere seemed to forget they were even worried about the FireWings to begin with. Dormant in their own little territory Kenina waited for the right opportunity to illuminate the world with fire. As their economy and people flourished under Kenina's rule she made preparations to make sure the embarrassment at the EarthWing feast would never happen again. 4 royal escorts were given state of the art maybe even controversial training. They would obey orders by the royal family only and without question or thought. They were trained to be the best fighters in the kingdom proficient on ground and air. Pain and retreat were not words in their vocabulary.

More was done however the escorts were the most relevant to the situation that had arose. Tenebris it seemed was holding a meeting, a congress and Kenina planned to attend. Interesting things were happening the NightWings and it could potentially present an opportunity to get things moving again. Kenina set off with her 4 escorts.

Kenina's arrival could not go unnoticed as she and her escorts arrived at the congregation. Kenina was the main attraction of the 5. Her neck and spine alive with far was a head turning uniqueness about Kenina in of itself but combine that with the elegant coloring of her scales and her beauty was worthy of only royalty. Even the most oblivious wouldn't be able to miss her entrance. The courtyard she and her escorts landed in was certainly worthy of her presence. It was a good sign to Kenina that Tenebris's second impression continued to please. Kenina simply waited where she landed for a formal greeting. In the mean time she scanned the crowd present and analysed every aspect off the situation.

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