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Polaris, the Winters Wrath. Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Polaris, the Winters Wrath. Dragon10
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Polaris, the Winters Wrath.

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Polaris, the Winters Wrath. Empty Polaris, the Winters Wrath.

Post by Polaris Mon Mar 14, 2016 1:00 am

Image will be here asap
Personal Info
Name: Polaris
Alias: Winters’ Wrath
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual  
Personality: Polaris is rather quick thinking when it comes to dire situations which need to be solved quickly. He can also be very arrogant, stubborn and courageous in a fight, and he would never back down from any fight in which he still thinks that he can win.
Otherwise, he is a calm and collected dragon who prefers to remain silent in a conversation, choosing only to speak when he has words of wisdom which he can put into the conversation. He also prefers to remain at the back, out of direct sight from people in a room.
Polaris usually takes his time to do things and is never really in too much of a rush to get anything does as he finds rushing is rather disturbing. He prefers to take in the peace of his surroundings, and the ice lands which he lives in helps him to admire the surroundings.
-Despite his tribal love of the cold, he also doesn’t mind basking in the heat of the days as well. He can’t stand heat like the FireWings can as they like to live in the volcanoes, but he can approach their land without too much of a drawback.
-He enjoys flying, the feel of the icy wind billowing beneath, the scent of the cool fresh air and the feeling of ‘isolation’ up there really appeals to him.
-Polaris also enjoys meeting new dragons, both within his tribe and outside of it. He tries to not scare them away by his sometimes intimidating form, but sometimes that can happen when he is standing rather proudly.
-Dragons who don’t consider the ramifications of the actions which they can sometimes rather hastily make.
-Talking to dragons which don’t pay attention to the conversation, instead taking the chance to sit there and stare rather blatantly at his beard.
-Being forced to eat sweet foods.
-A rather abnormal fear for an IceWing, Polaris is mildly afraid of LightWings. He dislikes their ability to bend and shift the light which is meant to be stable throughout the sky.

General Appearance
Height: 120 feet tall, 250 feet long (a good half of it being the length of his tail), weighs around 34 tonne, and has a wingspan of 500 feet.
Scales: The scales are almost like a giant plate on their head, which then go to a kite-shaped scales across his neck and tail. On his wings, legs and sides, the scales become smooth and are similar to snake scales in comparison. The scales are all different shades of silvers, whites and greys. However, when the sun is striking the scales at the perfect position, they will shine to be a light blue in colour.
Eyes: The colour of both the iris and the pupil are white, so it’s almost impossible to tell them apart.
Appearance: On his head are pairs of cartilage which form long and semi flexible, spike like appendages. He has 3 main segments of these, one just below his eye, one travelling across the bottom of his jaw, and the third is at the back of his jaw. In these three segments are multiple appendages, and joining these together are rather fragile sections of skin. He also has a pointed chin, with a beard growing out from it. He has a straight pair of horns which are slightly further back on his head. There seems to be a main plate which has curved from his nose, to a spike just past eyes on his back. Down his back, he has spikes connected by a frilled membrane which travels all the way down to the tip of his tail. He has well muscled legs, and covering his legs are rectangular scales, similar to those on the legs of chickens. These travel down the front of his legs, and to the tips of his 3 forward claws. He has a few spikes on his elbows, which are also connected by skin. Polaris has a giant set of wings, perfect for flying high in the sky and being able to move quickly and with grace in the air.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: IceWing
Rank: Guardian
Family: He did at one point or another, but he left his home, only remembering his mother as his father left when he was younger. Her name was Glacier.
Mate: No mate at the moment.
Hatchlings: No children either.

Skills and Abilities
-He is excellent with paw-to-paw combat, almost able to beat the more advanced dragons with his skills. He has learnt to fight with his wings, claws, tail and teeth and is able to beat some of the lower ranking dragons, in the case of fighting styles, mainly other guardians. However, the masters of combat can sometimes put him to shame with their skill in comparison to him, but due to his stubborn nature, he would never give up a fight in which he still believes he can outwit and end up being victorious.
-He is a very agile flyer, able to manoeuvre in the air easily. This includes tight turning, fast descents and sudden stops. Polaris has been able to develop this skill because of the amount of time he is often in the air flying, and has been further honed against the vicious winds which causes blizzards in the sky.

Special Abilities:
-Ice pillar. Commanding the will of the ice in his paws and voice, Polaris can cause giant pillars of ice to form.
These pillars are strong, standing up for a few moments even against the giant forms of the EarthWings. They struggle a fair bit more when they are put against the scorching heat of the FireWings, but can still hold for a few seconds. They are a few feet thick, but he can only create them after he has cooled the area with his natural frost breathe. These pillars last for about ten minutes, and he can have up to five of these standing at any one time. If he tries to make another one, the first one explodes and becomes useless. The explosion just sends out water, and is harmless, almost like rain.

-Reign of shards with a rather hard strike from his tail, he can also send these pillars into splinters to reign down on his enemies.
After a certain amount of time has passed since the formation of the pillars, the strike from his tail can break the pillars into smaller pieces. However, the amount of ice shards which are formed from the pillars depends on a few things.
Small shards are made from hitting the pillar extremely hard, which needs a bit of a run-up to achieve. He is able to send the small shards speeding along by using a rather large gust of wind from his wings. These are so small that they look like snow, but are really lethal shards which cannot be inhaled by dragons.
Medium shards are formed from when he hits his the pillar from a standstill, but with all a large amount of force behind them. These are around the size of his leg, and can rip through dragons scales if they are not careful.
Large shards are formed from an almost broken pillar, and these are sent out by him hitting it with his paws. They are about 1/5th of his size, and are just really an obstacle for the other dragon to go against.

-Heat, as extreme temperatures will melt his ice, rendering his unique abilities useless. Even though he enjoys the warmth, the heat also can wear him out faster than normal as he is rather cold at heart.
-Dragons who are smaller than him, because they are able to get out of the combinations which he can pull off with his pillars rather easily if Polaris isn’t fast enough to pull it off.
-He cannot stop the ice from hurting himself if he shatters a pillar, then follows through with the razor sharp ice and attacks the dragon at the same time that the ice strikes.
Combat Style: Polaris likes to hang back to the side, waiting for the other dragon to slip. While he is waiting, he uses his ice to form giant pillars in front of him, often shattering them to make his opponent back way. But when they open a chance, he will quickly pounce onto the dragon, and attack them with his extremely advance paw to paw skills in order to try and get the other dragon to retreat. He will then leap away from the fight, and try to wait for them to slip again.

History: None as of yet, but it will be added when I am able to upload pictures of him.
RP Sample: The muscles in his wings ached, the wind pounding against his side as he continued to fly against the blizzard. He didn’t know where he was, his family was missing, and he couldn’t find them. Panic arose in his heart as he felt himself fall, unable to keep himself in the air any longer. He plummeted down, through the howling blizzard. Dread flowed through his body, until he saw a large shadow looming above him. Wings? A tail, a neck... Claws wrapped around his tired form, holding him closely as a voice came to him, “Oh Polaris... Why did you come out here?” His mother asked quietly as she struggles to keep the fear from her voice as her hatchling cuddled up to her warm scales, shaking in his own terror.

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Polaris, the Winters Wrath. Empty Re: Polaris, the Winters Wrath.

Post by Sly Mon Mar 14, 2016 1:13 am

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