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It Started In Fire and Ice [Solo] Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

It Started In Fire and Ice [Solo] Dragon10
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It Started In Fire and Ice [Solo]

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It Started In Fire and Ice [Solo] Empty It Started In Fire and Ice [Solo]

Post by Rayla Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:19 am

(I decided to put this together in an attempt to explain what happened to Rayray. Enjoy)

Pyyria, seven yeas ago…. Royal Coronation

The Icewings. One of the most mysterious tribes, next to the NightWings. They have evolved to survive in the roughest of conditions, their home, which survives in the freezing cold, rugged terrain of taiga and tundra. With large, looming mountains of ice, and temperatures that could kill any none IceWing, they were truly a force to be reckoned with, if you attempted to attack them.

Today was going to be a glorious day, thought the soon to be queen Rayla, her eyes sparkling magnificently. The day was young and beautiful. The sound of a distant sea gull was heard over the mountains of ice. The strong smell of seawater filled the air. They were awfully close to the ocean, but Rayla didn't mind. This was a dream come true. She was finally going to be crowned queen! True, it may not have been of the SeaWings, but at least now she had something to rub in her snub father's face! Her siblings had been so aggressive to her when she left, but now they would have to bow to her when she entered the room! Rayla had many things planned, such as strictly making the rule a matriarchy, and have rule be passed down through blood. She was simply so excited, she couldn't wait.

True, she had, technically, been leading the IceWings for six months, but that was during organized chaos, when the original queens had vanished. Now they had officially agreed to crown her queen, due to how well she had handled that situation! Right now, she was currently making her way to the palace, with a brigade of loyal soldiers by her side. She stood tall, surrounded on all sides, not only by large dragons, but also by the looming, giant icy cliffs.

She was humming to herself. She had already managed to reunite the tribe with the reptilians, whom they had been having a heated relationship with. Though the relationship was still rather grudgingly, they no longer would attack reptilians they saw. And as a dragon that could transform into reptilians herself, she, obviously, saw this as very good. After all, it wouldn't do her very good if she were attacked in her reptilian form. And the dragoness rather liked experimenting with her transformation abilities, of which she was still pretty new at.

But one thing the ice queen did not account for, was an ambush. After all, how could she? Even if she had protection, she thought no one even knew she was up here. And even if they did, what point would there be in assassinating her? The Icewings absolutely loved her, as well as she could tell. They would never organize something like that! In fact, Rayla was so confident, that she would sometimes run out in front of the guards, laughing. They, of course, would respond with panic, and quickly catch up to her,  and worry over her, to which Rayla would reply, in a rather childish manner, that they didn't know how to have a little fun. And this would be her downfall.

A mysterious, shadowy figure, watched them parade towards the palace from atop the ice cliffs. They had a calculating expression, and an intent that was less than friendly. Stealthily, they would follow them, managing not to get themselves noticed. On the other side of the cliff, two other dragons followed the group, their features also concealed by cloaks. Not just ordinary cloaks, though. These cloaks helped them to blend in, like a chameleon.

One dragon looked up at the one across the cliff face. The two nodded at each other. If they did not strike now, they would lose their chance. The lone one made some distant paw signals to the two, then gestured a couple meters away, where an outcrop in the rock was. This seemed to alert the two dragons, and they gave quick nods of their heads at the dragon, and rushed forward, taking action.

And this is when things got intense.
At least ten dragons flew down from the heavens abandoning their cloaks. There were scales of orange, white, black, red, blue. Such a variety of color. It surprised the guards beyond the fact that they were being attack. There were Five Firewings, a small, but recognizable 'Icewing', two Nightwings, a Skywing, and a SeaWing. They launched down with such precision, it was as if they had practiced leaping off that cliff face and attacking before. And it didn't help that Rayla and her guards were totally unprepared.

The Icewing leaped right in front of the head guard, launching deadly ice shurikans at him, slicing his throat, with barely any retaliation, then slicing him across the body for extra measure, freezing along the slicing blow. This was no ordinary Icewing. It was an Icewing of almost the same power as a semi god. This was Gaea, the last of the pure blooded Auroran Ice Dragons. And she had a bloodlust for Rayla.

As this happened, the Firewings had gone into a line, blowing torching blasts of fire at the guards. There were only about eight guards, plus two up ahead and two in the back, who were now rushing to help the fighting. But as the fire rolled in, Rayla fought a rather feisty SeaWing. She barely recognized him, and he didn't try to strike up conversation. There was bloodlust in his eyes. He wanted her dead, and badly.

Now was her time to shine. Rayla needed to show the Icewings how skilled she was in combat, and that she wasn't just some arrogant little hatchling, who needed her hand to be held every step of the way to being a queen. This would not only be a staple of her own power, but it would also encourage other dragons to become just as strong, so that they could actually protect her. After all, what use are guards if they are much weaker than their queen, right?

So, Rayla would duck to the side, rolling on the ice with her specialized, ice gripping scales lifted off. Then, as the dragon would chase her, she would stick them back in, using the friction from her steady hold to launch herself straight into him, biting his neck. The momentum was so strong, she managed to throw him onto his back. After all, he was still a rather tiny dragon, only about the same size as Rayla, if not a little smaller.

Her claws would sink into his underbelly, as he let out a screech. He would launch a blast of water into the air, which would then target Rayla as solidified spears. Rayla needed to duck out of the way. So you want to use breath attacks, huh? She thought with a smirk, as she raised her head, launching a blast of cold shards at the opponent, cutting them up. With a quick lunge at the throat, she managed to kill him. But her attempts were suddenly voided by an even more dangerous threat, Gaea.

“You should have been the one to die that day, not Ouroborus!” she screamed, launching a blast of ice that Rayla just barely managed to counter. “It is in the curse! Once you bare a child, the mother shall die! And you were cursed from the start. So how are you STILL. ALIVE?”

And with that, Gaea, while distracted with Rayla, was thrown to the ground by a guard. He looked at Rayla, a panicked expression that told her the fight wasn't going so well. He yelled, “Your majesty! Run! Your two guards will take care of you! Just get out of here and find reinforcements as quickly as possible!” he said, while trying to wrestle the furious Gaea. Rayla screeched in fury, and tried to jump forward, shouting, “I'm not leaving you behi-” but her sentence was cut off when someone pinned her to the ground.

But Rayla was furious. She would not be defeated by some puny assassins! Even though the Firewing that had tackled her was much bigger, she used the slipperiness of the ice to her advantage, and smacked the creature, giving her time to pull herself out from under him. But he would not have it. A torrent of fire suddenly rushed her way. She took off into the air, the fire skinning her tail, and dove right at him, clinging to his back, biting into his neck. She could hear his screams, when another Firewing dove forward, slashing Rayla's side with burning claws, throwing her nearly ten meters away. She landed with a limp thud, attempting to get up. But alas, her vision was blurry from that attack. Firewings were one weakness she had no way of getting around.

She saw him running for her, and decided to try something crazy. She stood still, waiting for the perfect moment, when it arose, as the creature raised its claws in order to strike, Rayla slid right under his belly, rolling onto her back, and launching a blast of cold water at his stomach. Steam immediately surrounded Rayla, and the dragon. She heard a screech, and slashed wildly at the space above her, feeling her claws sink into flesh.
But that was when everything truly stopped, just for a moment, when Rayla heard a terrified screech, warning her, but it was too late. Not only was the warning screech cut off mid call, but as Rayla looked up, she saw giant shapes begin to fall towards her.


There were so many of them! Rayla attempted to make a run for it, but one managed to scratch along her side, causing her to fall to the ground. Blood fell to the ground, as did she, as she was knocked to the ground. She heard the distant screams of dragons, and tried the get up, the blood running down her side telling her just how much damage that attack had really caused, when she heard something terrifying.


That was when the ice supporting her, suddenly gave way, causing her to fall nearly ten feet, onto a ramp-like piece of ice. The sunlight that had been there just a second ago vanished, as a boulder covered up the opening. She continued to slide down, a trail of blood in her wake, when she suddenly experienced a long, steep drop. She screamed loudly, and attempted to use her wings, when, with a sudden, painful smack, she hit the water. Rayla was thrown into an underground, super cold river, gasping.

She paddled for her life, but the long slash the boulder had left, running from her back near her shoulders, all the way down to her left leg. But the current was so strong. The last thing the dragoness remembered, was icy water, until everything suddenly went dark, as a sharp pain was drilled through her head, and the only thing she felt was cold, wet, and pain.

What Rayla didn't know, was that the water, had smacked her into an icy surface, rendering her unconscious. The river had taken her down many dangerous slopes, almost killing her. But alas, the gods were on Rayla's side, and had managed to keep her away from all the dangers of the rapids, as she was whisked through the river.

Eventually, the river came to the surface, as it had been underground, in the darkness, for all that while. The water had managed to create a frozen, protective layer over the bleeding flesh, almost like a numbing effect, allowing her not to bleed to death. The river had led her to a taiga, a forested, snowy area. And as it continued on its dangerous path, the deadly rapids got slowly, but surely, less, and less dangerous.

This is where Rayla met her resting place, along a stream bed. She was so far from the ice palace, she had actually drifted all the way to the border. And when she woke up, Rayla was just as confused. What she didn't know was that she had been in a coma for three days. She was still in intense pain, but she knew she couldn't stay here.

So, for protection, Rayla tried to get up. Her movements were wobbly, but due to the protection by the ice from any serious damage, the scar was, in fact, starting to heal. At first, Rayla was considering returning to the ice palace, but when she thought of what could be waiting for her, she decided against it, and rather, decided to cross the border, and try to heal, before going across again. It was not until nearly a year later, or six months, when Rayla learned that a new ruler had already appointed.

Disappointed beyond belief, Rayla decided to let the rest of the world think her dragon self had died. She used her shape changing abilities to take on the form of a wingless reptilian, rather than her usual winged reptilian form, and started traveling Pyrria.

And the rest, well…. That's history.


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