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FireWing History [WIP] Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

FireWing History [WIP] Dragon10
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FireWing History [WIP]

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FireWing History [WIP] Empty FireWing History [WIP]

Post by Ignatius Sikum Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:20 pm

FireWing History

For generations, the ElderWings lived on the island distant from the lands of Pyrria. However, due to unknown reasons, these great dragons moved to these lands, and gave them their name. It was thought that these were the first breed of dragons, whose children would form the tribes. These were also the ancestors of the current FireWings. They had lived with every other species of dragon, but the land they dwelt in became more and more populated. Soon, there was not enough room for them all.

Taking one of the largest risks, the ElderWings took to the volcanoes. They were the more study dragons, plated heavily and had aggressive tendencies-both of which were somewhat vital to survive in the heat of the volcanoes.  Eventually, the ElderWings had come to a point where it wasn’t too warm, nor too cold, and came to rest there. After these ancient dragons began to settle in extreme heat of the volcanoes, they slowly adapted to the heat. Over generations, the once torturous heat slowly faded and they crept towards the warmer areas of the volcanoes, seeking its power and warmth.  They began to enjoy the heat, and slowly they absorbed it. Their abilities began to change, becoming more fitting towards the terrain of the volcanoes. Dragons began to breathe scorching flames, use the heat around them to cause small explosions but best of all-they developed the ability to finally be able to swim in the scorching heats of the lakes of lava. However, one dragon grew much more accustomed to the heat than any of his brethren at the time.

His name was Fire.

Due to his stubbornness, aggressive nature and ‘loyalty’, he claimed the position of the first leader of the dragons, proclaiming them to be FireWings. Under his... erm, guidance, he protected the FireWing tribe and helped them to make choices which they were too nervous to do. Like move into the chambers of volcanoes.
Fire rules with an attitude which meant that you could never tease him, for he did not understand it and would take it as an insult. Any insults towards him meant banishment or death. But this crazy FireWing did what he could to help his tribe in almost any way. Sorta. The tribe remained under his rule for many, many years. They thrived, honing their skills and becoming more and more adept at fighting due to their spontaneous, erratic and aggressive nature. Sadly though, his reign did eventually fall as great age took its toll on him. He was buried in the Ancient Catacombs, which have been lost to the FireWings after a great eruption.
During this time after the great Fire fell, the tribe ran into a lull, not developing too much. The years dragged on, and on. Soon, the FireWings began to revolt against each other-but alas! Before this happened, a new hope dawned. She was a calm, silver-tongued dragon and her name was Kenina. Wise beyond her years, and extremely knowledgeable, she ruled the nation wisely, making sure that her tribe was safe. But the duties she had to perform alone were beginning to look too hard.
She began to look for a mate, and this is when she met Volcanis.  Volcanis and Kenina were a mated pair from then on, the former guardian able to bring the other FireWings to order before their Queen. Together, they were the second rulers over the FireWing tribe, and their rule was bountiful. The entire FireWing nation flourished once more.



It was smooth sailing from there, except the time where the FireWings gathered for meeting with other clans. It was a task which would have been rather beneficial for all races involved. However, things never go according to plan. Things took a bad turn, heading south as the FireWings and IceWings were polar opposites. The EarthWings-before they were almost killed, and the hosts for this event, managed to calm the two tribes down.
But alas, the King and Queen eventually had the toll taken, used up and burned as they could no longer keep performing their duties. Especially after the dissapearance of Volcanis, Kenina decided to start her search for a new leader. But one dragon, calm like the one before her, a guardian, caught the Queens eye. Kenina knew she would be able to step forth to claim ruler ship and rule with the voice of an iron whip, demanding respect from those beneath her. She didn't exactly like the small little bit of a disdain for IceWings and SeaWings, but a dislike which could be worked on.

Her name is Tempest, and she is the third ruler of the FireWings.


She currently rules the FireWings and is still getting use to people calling her anything but her name.  Tempest has been putting in designs for buildings so that she can set the FireWing defence systems up to a slightly more appropriate structure, mainly in order to protect her children, the FireWings. She is also beginning plans to make a secondary outpost in the area to the south of the Rift of Cinders.

Tempest has met with the NightWing Leader, Oculus, and has agreed to a joint operation to help him take the land which once belonged to the EarthWings.

In preparation for this war, she has demanded a group training session for her FireWings, weeks in advance and prior to the invasion. She is hoping that all dragons will join that training session.

FireWing Territories
The FireWings haven’t expanded from their first lot of land which they had claimed. Their territory reaches from the outskirts of the Sea of Embers, north from the Rift of Cinders, then it runs down to the sea, its borders touching with that of the FireWings. They also have claim to the area below them, known as ‘The Black Sands’. This is where she intends to build a secondary, backup outpost. But currently, the FireWings mainly live in the Rift of Cinders, the FireWing castle resting on top of Flare Mountain.
On the mountains around them are smaller villages, five of them. Three of these villages are trade ones, one being near their border for easier access to the other tribes.  This village is guarded by a small fort, having guards placed there constantly. Walls are planned to be constructed around the forts and main gathering areas for a small portion of protection.
However, at the heart of their tribe is the FireWing Palace in all its glory, with lava waterfalls and pools of warmth everywhere. It's one of the prettiest palaces as far as what Tempest has seen (it's the only one too <3)

FireWing Special Ranks
Colossus-their role is to basically act like a giant body guard for the FireWing leaders. They are mainly used in times of war, to protect them against being overwhelmed by mass amount of humans, as their special ability will be able to link in with the leaders’ for a devastating attack. They are also extremely bulky, almost like a moving wall with their form. However, they do have a weakness which is assassins, as they are too small and fast for the colossus to squish easily.

Sentinels-these are the ones who lead strong dragons against others, their speed, devastation and strength a force to be reckoned with. They are also only loyal to the Leaders’, and will never stray from their loyalty.

Protector of Generations-their role is to protect the young hatchlings in times of war, making sure that they will survive the conflict no matter what. They also look after hatchlings and orphans whose parents have passed away due to injuries, accidents, or other similar mishaps. They also look after eggs of a dragoness if she has passed away, giving them a chance to live a proper and full life (if they hatch).
Ignatius Sikum
Ignatius Sikum
FireWing Guardian
FireWing Guardian

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FireWing History [WIP] Empty Re: FireWing History [WIP]

Post by Virgo Thu Jul 28, 2016 2:05 pm

Just fyi Tempy, Shadowfire was leader before Kenina. <3
IceWing Queen
IceWing Queen

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FireWing History [WIP] Empty Re: FireWing History [WIP]

Post by Ignatius Sikum Thu Jul 28, 2016 6:19 pm

Thankies, I'll add that.
Ignatius Sikum
Ignatius Sikum
FireWing Guardian
FireWing Guardian

Male Posts : 541
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