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Rorrik the goofball (Bump!) Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Rorrik the goofball (Bump!) Dragon10
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Rorrik the goofball (Bump!)

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Rorrik the goofball (Bump!) Empty Rorrik the goofball (Bump!)

Post by RorrikTheDragon Wed Jul 13, 2016 2:49 pm

Rorrik the goofball (Bump!) Rorrik_the_dragon_by_lenthewolf-da9pgd6
(Image & Profile pic by me.)

Personal Info
Name: Rorrik
Alias: Mindless goofball
Age: 21 years
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
     If I  was to describe his personality, I would  say goofball.
Rorrik is basically a big playful beast. He’s much more of a lover, not a fighter. Even for being an adult, he has the mental capacity of a hatchling. In a way, he never really ‘grew up’ In a  sense. He much rather play with another dragon than battle with, and will often approach others with a playful vibe to him.
     He is a certainly friendly dragon, although he is considered a terror to other species. He has a horrible habit of playing with is food before he eats or even kills it. He doesn’t exactly mean to be such a terror, he just wants to have some fun. Even if that mean terrorizing a poor piece of prey.
    He is extremely stubborn at times, on the most childish situation. Rorrik  has a hard time grasping ideas, he often needs things explained to him a few times before he starts  to understand. This leads to him being stubborn with his own ideas, as he doesn’t quite understand if they’re bad or if lead to harm  for others. He thinks they’re right, in honesty he doesn’t know any better.
     Rorrik is also extremely social, and actually easily gets lonely when not in the presence of any other living creature. Prey,  or dragon, he requires almost constant companionship. Now this doesn’t mean he needs to always be talked to or be a center of attention, he just wants to be in the general presence of someone else. He’ll even sit and be silent if it meant he could stick around. Although for a dragon with so much energy like himself, he often has a hard time doing just that. Rorrik is aware some deem him annoying, but over time he learned to just deal with it.
    Rorrik heavily relies on body language in communication, he hardly ever speaks. And when he does, it’s mostly broken words. He has always been like this, some suspect it has to link with the fact he has a hard time learning.  

   A very big interest if Rorrik is anything shiney. That’s right, anything that is shiney will often attract him. He will collect shiny objects, and often leaves them in piles that can be found often laying around.  He also likes games of any kind really, but his favorite types of games involve chasing and rough housing. He also has an interest in hunting, specifically watching others hunt. He is interested in how others hunt, finding each way different. He tries to learn more about their ways, even if he struggles greatly with it.

Being alone. He hates that, he has heavy seperation issues.  He also dislikes yelling, though it doesn’t exactly have to at him. Two others can be arguing, and he’d still dislike it even if  he has nothing to do with it. He won’t however, butt into the arguement, instead just trying to stay away. Or well, a fair distance anyway, he wouldn’t leave the area completely. He HIGHLY dislikes being in confined spaces, caves are certainly no place for him. This is because of his bad eyesight, in darkness he can't even see movement, so he could find himself trapped and unkowing of what may be around him.  

Being unaccepted by others, looked at as an outcast. He’s afraid of being hated, or having others talk to him behind his back.

General Appearance
Height: He is 51 ft, and weighs  2,426.8 lbs (Solved using the Robinsion formula.)
Scales: None, actually! He has a hard hide, pulled tight over his muscles. However on his underside, his hide his a lot softer.
Eyes:Pale blue, to the point it’s almost white. His pupils are narrowed slits, able to dialate with his happier moods. Which is almost always.
Appearance: He is of the Wyvern type, two legs and two wings. He lacks any horns, instead having pointed ears. His teeth are carved inward, meant for gripping. His tongue is purple, coming to a bit of  a point. His body type is a bit lean, and fairly long. His wings have a thick leather-like feeling to them, powerful and sturdy.  His tail is fairly long, thick and coming to a point. His mouth has the ‘Beak’ shape to it, narrow muzzle and slightly thicker towards the end. Almost like a bats, he has fingers on the ends of his wings,  two sharp claws on the end of them.  He has four toes on his hind legs, three main ones he walks on, and the fourth one a bit near the hock of his legs, used for balence while landing, sitting, or moving backwards.  This is because his legs are able to bend forward, the toe marks the end of their bend, so it’s sitting just at an angle it’s actually helpful. His skin has some darker, silverish-black marks on the top and along the ‘arm’ of his wings. They are very faint markings, however.  

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Icewing
Inheritance: Purebred Icewing
Rank: Tracker
Family: Mother and Father are deceased, natural causes. Only one sister remains, her locations are unknown.  
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: With his curved teeth, he is very good at grabbing his opponite, hooking under scaled and into flesh. His powerful jaws meant for crushing bones rather than tearing and ripping. Being mindless in battle also means he isn’t hesitant at all, he won’t second guess himself at all while making a move. Long  hind claws help sink into his victom as he attacks. He is fairly muscles, giving him some fair physical strength too. In the skies, he might be slow moving at only 60 mph, but he is very sturdy. Harsh winds and weather don’t do much to render his flight, powerful wings keeping him in the air with ease. Even if getting off the ground requires a bit of hard work.
  He is a great hunter. He was raised up to be one, and has become his main skill set. He is fantastic at it, following scents and being able to catch the slightest movement. This is because his sight is very movement-based. Rorrik doesn’t have the best eyesight, it’s actually fairly blurry. But it becomes very clear to him when in movement, this is because he is able to zone-in on one particular thing.  

Special Abilities:

  • Ice crystals- whit his natural ice breath, when the breath hits something ice crystals form, ranging as far as twenty feet from himself.. Based on how powerful he pushes the breath, is how solid the ice crystals are. He often breaths ice breath onto the ground lightly, then proceeds to prance through the easily-broken crystals to playfully scatter the weak shards. When the breath hits an enemy, the crystals  form in that area. The hardest his crystals could get is like concrete, breakable with force. Times for the crystals to form actually very, the weaker crystals that are easily broken can take up to twenty seconds, while the dense crystals that can actually do damage can take up to three full minutes to fully form. However, the dense crystals can leave harsh frost-bite that could last until properly warmed. The frostbite works like normal severe frostbite to humans, but instead to dragons:

  • At first, cold skin and a prickling feeling

  • Numbness

  • Red, white, bluish-white or grayish-yellow scale/skin color

  • Hard or waxy-looking scale/skin

  • Clumsiness due to joint and muscle stiffness

  • Blistering after rewarming, in severe cases

He is extremely reckless, and clumsy. He crashes through obsticals instead of trying to find ways around them, sometimes leaving him hurt. His little understanding to things make it extremely hard for him to follow other types of training, so his fighting skills are pretty feral, mostly relying on instinct to guide him instead of careful skills others might try to teach him. Getting off the ground is a bit hard and awkward for him, since he is heavy and his wings touch the ground while flapping,  making escapes a very poor process.  Since he doesn’t plan ahead in battles, or really anything, he often finds himself in dire situations, especially towards more experienced fighters. It even gets to the point where he could tire himself out from the repeative, non-stop attacks he tries.  
  While is top hide might be extremely hard, thick, and fitted tight over muscle and bone, his underside is much softer. Blows to his underside will do much more damage to him. Fighters  who are mostly still have a good advantage too, since his sight is movement based.

Combat Style:
He has almost no style, he relies on feral instinct to fight. He attacks on constant and on random, a combination of breath and physical attacks. It can be very overwhelming. His only defence moves is staying low to the ground, so only his hard upper hide is beared, and not his soft underside.

Rorrik was, unfortunately, the first hatched out of the clutch of eggs. The unfortunate part of this was that he hatched early. Roughly two weeks early. He was underdeveloped, and if it wasn’t for his parents frantic attempts to keep him alive he’d be dead. Because of this, he grew up different from his sibling. Out of the four eggs, on him and his sister hatched, the other two being ‘dead eggs’. He always struggled to keep up with her, but luckily for him his parents were very supporting to both their young, providing him with constant help. The first skill besides flight his parents taught them was to hunt. Although his sister was flying and hunting before he was, and was already being trained to fight, he had just gotten to hunting. It became apparent to his parents that Rorrik was different, so to say, so they focused on teaching him hunting as a main factor. So when the time came for him to go out into the world, he would at least have the simpilest of survival skills.
     His sister often ignored his presence. She had no hope for her brother, feeling that his death was going to happen either way, that he wouldn’t last out there. Of course, she was wrong, but she didn’t know that at the time. Instead of helping him, she refused to get emotionally attached to him, she knew if she got to close the pain would be worse to see him struggle.  Soon the time came for the hatchlings to leave the nest, and as much as their parents wanted Rorrik to stay longer, they knew the time had come. Rorrik and his sister parted ways, they never saw each other or their parents again.  

RP Sample:
Rorrik leaned over the edge of the icy ledge, giving a loud roar. The roar echoed through the open space, making his ears perk, a grin pulling across his as his tail wagged a bit. Getting up, he leapt off the edge, angling himself downward as he plumited towards the ground, his wings spread wide. He caught the draft, raising his body and stabalizing himself as he glided. He turned his body back and forth, letting himself sway as he, looking towards the ground. It was then his eyes caught movement, and lots of it.
   A small herd of elk had been startled by his roar, their hooves pounded on the ground as they ran. Rorrik tilted himself forward, using the factor of gravity to gain a little extra speed as he swooped. He caught a fair-sized elk within his talons, but never once landed on the ground knowing it would be hard for him to get back in the air without any ledge to help him. He pulled back instead, powerful flaps of his wings  bringing him higher into the air as he made his way to a large frozen lake, where he landed hard, stumbling a bit and crushing the elk between his talons  and the ground. He turned himself around, shaking himself off as he crawled closer to the now-dead elk. He sniffed at it, licking it once, before tilting his head. Playing with dead prey wasn’t as fun, but he didn’t mind.
  He took the elk into his teeth lightly, before throwing his head back and tossing it into the air, catching it in his powerful jaws and thrashing his head around, making the elk shake violently. He repeated the process three times, before the elk ripped in half, it’s entire lower half going flying and landing a few feet away.  How unfortunate, his toy broke. He gobbled down the half in his mouth, before sniffing out the other half and gobbling that down too. He never really chewed his prey, anyway, not like he much cared for manors.

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Rorrik the goofball (Bump!) Empty Re: Rorrik the goofball (Bump!)

Post by Ignatius Sikum Wed Jul 13, 2016 3:48 pm

Hello~! I met you earlier in cbox, and again, welcome to DRF! I hope you have an awesome time here~ But before you can launch into rps, I'd like you to fix up a few things first.

RorrikTheDragon wrote:Mind-reading abilities have absolutely no effect on him.

I don't think you know this, but mind reading abilities are banned from the site. So I don't think you need this strength ;p

With his ice crystals, I have a quick request, can you tell what the maximum range is for this ability? And also, when you state this;

RorrikTheDragon wrote:However, they can leave harsh frost-bite that could last until properly warmed.

Can you specify what you mean by 'harsh frost-bite', and what would happen if this is left untreated. There should also be a time as to how long the ice crystals take to form before this part of the ability kicks in.

Bump when edited~
(I love your app btw!!)
Ignatius Sikum
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Rorrik the goofball (Bump!) Empty Re: Rorrik the goofball (Bump!)

Post by RorrikTheDragon Thu Jul 14, 2016 8:03 am

Bump! I did some research on frostbite for its effects and such, since I didn't want it different from normal. ^^

Also, thanks! ^^

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Rorrik the goofball (Bump!) Empty Re: Rorrik the goofball (Bump!)

Post by Ignatius Sikum Thu Jul 14, 2016 3:26 pm

Looks good~

1/2 Approved!
Ignatius Sikum
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Rorrik the goofball (Bump!) Empty Re: Rorrik the goofball (Bump!)

Post by Oculus Fri Jul 15, 2016 5:17 pm

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