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Leo Wolf Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Leo Wolf Dragon10
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Leo Wolf

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Leo Wolf Empty Leo Wolf

Post by Leo Wolf Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:40 pm

Leo Wolf Dragonwolf
Personal Info
Name: Leo Wolf
Alias: The Protector
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
He is a very protective dragon. Leo wouldn’t and doesn’t let any harm come to his siblings-if he can help it. Under the protective outer shell, Leo is a very playful and friendly dragon. He is almost to the point of being overly friendly. However, Leo doe have a few drawbacks with his ‘big brother’ like personality. Leo can often take jokes or sarcastic comments around his siblings the wrong way and can instantly become aggressive towards the dragon who had ‘insulted’ them.

Leo is also rather creepy in the sense that he also takes being friendly to overly friendly as he makes contact with other dragons which would normally be fine with his siblings, but a complete invasion of privacy to any other dragon. He is a bit clueless when it comes to dragon’s trying to give him signals to back off, and is rather bad at reading other dragons discomfort.

Running – He loves doing this, the feeling of the wind rushing against his face, the adrenaline rushing through him. He just loves to run.

Eating – Running requires a lot of energy, and he has developed the need to eat a great deal of raw meats to be able to keep up with this consumption of energy. So he loves his food as well.

Playing with his younger siblings – Stemming from his protective nature, but also a sprinkle of his love towards his siblings, he really is playful and enjoys playing with his siblings.

’Healthy’ foods – Nope, pure raw meat for this dragon.

His siblings fighting – He doesn’t like anything which could even hurt his siblings, play fighting or not play fighting, he doesn’t want his siblings fighting nor anything hurting them.

Anything which would threaten his siblings – He doesn’t want them hurt as he adores his siblings.

Death – Who doesn’t fear the black nothingness which is death.

General Appearance
Height: 63 foot tall, 112 foot long.
Scales: Instead of having scales, he has a fur coat which is white on his chest and inner legs, but also has blue and black stripes on his pelt.
Eyes: He has silvery eyes which can easily be mistaken for white.
He has long, lanky legs and has a very slim and powerfully built figure. On his head, he has a pair of long ears with blue, black and white stripped hair down on his head. His back is bare, but on the tip of his tail he had a bushy lump of fur. He has fur on his thighs, elbows and on his paws. His paws resemble more of a wolf foot than anything else, and his face is also like a wolf more than a dragon. His wings are large, feathered wings, but he barely uses them, so they are always tucked in against his side.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: IceWings (IceWolf-lel)
Inheritance: 75% IceWing 25% Wolf
Rank: Guardian
Family: Ares Equinox Wolf, Wolf Wolf and another 15 or so siblings.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Speed – Leo is, for his age, incredibly fast as he can run up to 60mph, but going these speeds means that he sacrifices stability and is easily tripped over by things. Rocks, twigs, a random tail would easily by able to trip him over from these sorts of things. He prefers only running at around 50mph, but will run his max speed if his siblings are in danger.

Strength and bite – He’s quite talented with how he can manipulate his own strength for his speed in running, but he also has an incredibly powerful bite. His teeth can inject a small portion of liquid ice which freeze a small area if he can get is teeth into them. The area that he freezes is exactly where his teeth bite into, but can only bite wing, legs, tail and the neck/head as any other area is too thick for him to bite. The freezing lasts for only 1 post after its injection and can easily be heated to undo the freezing. Whenever he bites, he can inject the ice but he cannot freeze something completely.

Intelligence – Leo might be the oldest, but he isn’t the most intelligent when it comes to smarts. He is around the average for his smarts, but he cannot outsmart his siblings with ease. The only way which he might be ‘smarter’ than them is when someone is attacking, he can analyse a situation much quicker and, due to his protective nature, can know if the opponent is going to harm him or his siblings. However, he cannot read people so well that he can read and predict movement, but he can read them and know if they will attack or not.

Icicle breath – He is able to breathe a breath which consist of dozens of icicle. They are more for blinding opponents than anything else as if they hit anything aside from the eyes it will just bounce harmlessly away from any sorts of scales. He can use this like a normal breath, but the icicles don’t do anything aside from blind opponents.

Special Abilities:

’Black ice’ surface - Leo freezes the ground and turns it into a light blue colour. He makes the ground underneath him extremely slippery, preventing dragons from running at their full speed. This spreads 450 feet in front of him in a cone shape and is around a foot thick. This ability is able to be countered by any warm dragon who steps on it, as their temperature would melt the ice. It also can be broken by a heavy tail slam, for example and EarthWing would easily be able to break it. This lasts for an absolute maximum of 5 posts, with a minimum of 1 post.  He isn’t able to use this ability again for 10 posts.

Ice spires  - While his black ice is active, he can summon ice pillars to come from out of it. These can grow up to 20 foot in length and are 5 foot wide at the base which gradually reduces to a fine tip at the top. When it is about to form, a small mound appears in the ice at the base of it. Then, the ice spire shall shoot up at 30mph into the ice spire which is 20 foot long. He can summon 4 of these while his ice is active and is only able to form one per post. He can also only use this ability on his sheet of ice. They are able to be destroyed by hitting them and can survive only 3 hits from a strong SkyWing, or one hits from practically any other dragon, or by melting them with fire.

Heat and fire – The heat and flames from any FireWing counters any of his abilities. His fur also is extremely flammable and it will catch fire at even the very presence of a tongue of flames.

Scaleless – Due to being scaleless, he has only a thick hide. So hard hits and precise hits would hurt him drastically compared to if he had normal scales. He sustains more damage from normal hits which would normally graze other dragons.

Flight – Leo, for his life, couldn’t do any sort of aerial combat to save his life. He would be able to fly from point a to point b, but he couldn’t dodge anything if he even tried to while he flied. So he can’t do any aerial combat.

Combat Style: He will jump into the fight, using his powerful bite to try and partially cool the tissue. Then use his speed to jump away from any counters, and then use his ice to try and get them to slip, before going all in and attacking them savagely again.

History: N/A
RP Sample: Hi I’m Tempy.
Leo Wolf
Leo Wolf
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IceWing Guardian

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Leo Wolf Empty Re: Leo Wolf

Post by Oculus Wed Jul 20, 2016 12:02 am

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Leo Wolf Empty Re: Leo Wolf

Post by Hyruu Wed Jul 20, 2016 2:05 am

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