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Little Thing's in Happy Places (Developement/private) Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Little Thing's in Happy Places (Developement/private) Dragon10
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Little Thing's in Happy Places (Developement/private)

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Little Thing's in Happy Places (Developement/private) Empty Little Thing's in Happy Places (Developement/private)

Post by Rii Rii Fri Aug 19, 2016 2:52 pm

(OOC: dated after this thread here http://www.rpgdragons.org/t4109-scraping-for-faith-private-shiningwater#54365 look at Rii's plot thread to see full timeline of events. The only dragons I'll accept appearing in this thread are Rii's children Au, Prasi, Khusavir, Umbra, and Ashlyn (if you are still wanting Rii to adopt you in our thread) If anyone else wants to join this thread please pm me with your idea of why your character would be there and I'll either accept or deny permission to join this thread.)


Rii had noticed for a long time now that she was pregnant again. However this time around she had not eaten nearly as much as when she had Khu, Prasi, and Umbra. Maybe there will be even fewer eggs this time... Rii thought settling herself over her nest within a large earthen den. Her children were terrorizing the caretakers in the nursery by now as Rii had taken them there earlier in the day. She was trusting other earthwings, and the caretakers especially, far more than she probably should. Without a male to call mate though she had no choice but to get help from the caretakers. Still, Rii would not be surprised if Au or Prasi manage to slip away and wander like they had once before during the earthwing festival. Perhaps it was their nightwing blood, but those two were very good at stalking and hiding. Rii was impressed and proud of them despite the trouble they often caused.

Only six months had passed since her three children had hatched, and she was chastising herself for being so flirty instead of actually trying to find a mate. Rii had been flirty with a few males, but only Rhune she had managed to seduce. With more experience than the last time Rii had understood the risk when she helped herself to his rough but fit and powerful body. However, she was not expecting to get pregnant because it wasn't the time of year when she normally got moody and flirty. Either her heat had come early this year, or these children were some kind of miracle kids.

I'm such an idiot... I mean this goes to show that obviously I don't have a set time of the year... I can't just have fun with males when the mood changes if this will happen almost every time. Rii chastised herself again as she felt a pain in her abdomen. She didn't have other healers with her for this, despite Nara probably wanting to be there for her safety. Rii wanted privacy, and she was sure she would be okay this time around.

I mean why did I do it with him in the first place? Just because of a feeling I get near pretty much any good looking male? Stupid, I'm stupid.. and Rhune's going to be so surprised probably. I have to let him care for the eggs and children because I know 100% he's their father. I.. I just.. I don't like him as a mate though... Rii struggled with her own emotions, but Shiningwater had told her some time ago that if she was questioning whether she loved someone then she didn't actually love him. Rii didn't want to be mates with someone she didn't actually love.

Her thoughts then turned to Baldirak. She'd spent a night with him. However Shiningwater's words had been about what Rii described between Baldirak and herself. This alone made Rii question whether she could every truly love anyone. Was she cursed to live mateless because she enjoyed the company of not one or two, but every male?

Rii had no idea that she was a semi god at all, though she had a notion that more power was hidden inside her for some odd reason due to the empathy power emerging occasionally during her meetings with other earthwings. Rii also had no idea that her thoughts about a curse might actually be entirely true making Shiningwater's advice null and void.

Just being a fertility god meant that Rii could not love any single male more than any of the others, though she might enjoy the personality and company of some more than others. Rii was attracted to both Rhune and Baldirak, as well as a number of other males she had met over the years. Where she was getting confused though was about the other emotions that tried to get in her way when deciding who to woo. Rii enjoyed Rhune's lighthearted fun nature, but he was meek and submissive in their relationship. That and their views on different things made Rii push him away despite obviously liking him.

With Baldirak she got the whole package, though did not have any idea how he was in the nest. He was dominant, which was an important trait to her, respectful, understanding, and kind. Rii was a vain women through and through, and she thought she loved him for who he was not knowing that it was that primal part of what she was that liked his higher status. She thoroughly enjoyed his company and tried to seek him out when he wasn't busy. Most everything he said and his mindset she agreed with, so in her mind he was a perfect match.

Her thoughts stilled as Rii tensed against another contraction. She could feel that it was close now. As the feeling ebbed away Rii started to think again of mates and her chances at catching the male she wanted.

I'll have to be a little more active in trying to court him. I know he's the one for me, I just know it. Rii's thoughts paused again as the pressure mounted. It ended with a soft "plop" of something hitting then rolling into her nest. An egg far larger than Khu's or Prasi's had been now sat slick and wet in Rii's nest. he continued to tense herself thinking that there would be more coming.

An hour passed as she waited and relaxed slowly but surely. Licking up some water and honey Rii had already washed herself by the time she realized that no more would be coming. Maybe it was because it wasn't the time of season for egg laying? Rii couldn't be sure, but she would keep this egg safe until it hatched some months later.
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