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New Members Guide: Character Creation  Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

New Members Guide: Character Creation  Dragon10
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New Members Guide: Character Creation

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New Members Guide: Character Creation  Empty New Members Guide: Character Creation

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco Sat Feb 11, 2017 5:18 pm

How to Create Your Character

Updated 4/12/20 the ability to use magic counts as a characters starting special ability and comes with one minor spell.

Note: All new characters may only have 1 special ability. A special ability is an ability unique to your character and not one that is natural to your particular species. For example, all (purebred) EarthWings are immune to venom and toxins. So if you're an EarthWing, your special ability would be something like having ice breath (this is just an example. Ice breath is exclusive to IceWings and those with IceWing heritage) instead of acid or rock breath. Additional abilities may be obtained using DP (Dragon Points). When you have obtained the required amount of DP, you can submit a form in the ability creation section of the Creation forum. The ability must be approved by Staff before you can add it to your character app.

Creating a character to use in your roleplaying can be a daunting task if you are venturing into uncharted waters, like roleplaying as a sentient nonhuman being. It can be especially difficult if you are new to roleplaying. Fortunately, I and the rest of the DRF Staff are here to help. With this Guide you will learn everything you need to start exploring the world of Pyrria.

The first step to creating a character, for any roleplay site, is knowing what species are available to you. While the name of this site is a pretty big hint as to what you'll find here, there are some other creatures running about.

Humans do inhabit Pyrria. We have had a few characters who have a special relationship with Humans: some were born in captivity, slaves to Humankind, but escaped with the help of Humans. One was raised by a friendly Human, and a couple came from a parallel world and were turned into Dragons. But aside from these few exceptions, Humans are the greatest enemy of the Dragons and they don't get along, so don't try to make a Human who goes around befriending Dragons and vice versa. More info on Humans (and Dragons) and their locations on Pyrria here: https://www.rpgdragons.org/t4666-lorewip#59758

All characters are to be posted here https://www.rpgdragons.org/f5-create-your-dragon Below is the character creation template.
Click for Human Character Creation Template:

Lesser Species
Don't let the name fool you. These creatures may not be Dragons, and are considered inferior by many, but are still a force to be reckoned with. All the info you need can be found here. https://www.rpgdragons.org/t4280-lesser-species

All characters are to be posted here https://www.rpgdragons.org/f5-create-your-dragon Below is the character creation template.
Click for Lesser Species Character Creation Template:

The main species of Pyrria. There are 8 species total, one of which is NPC only, but don't worry, you can still enjoy roleplaying with them. The only limits to your Dragon character is your imagination (with the exception of some actual limits). Firstly, your Dragon should resemble a Dragon in appearance. There are many cultures around the world with their own description of what a Dragon looks like. As long as your character resembles one of these, it'll be accepted.

Your character doesn't have to be a purebred if you don't want it to be. Your Dragon can be a mix of any of the 7 playable species! But if you do this, you have to make sure its abilities aren't too powerful. A Dragon that is a 50/50 mix can only have one ability from each species, but these abilities are only half as powerful as it would be for a purebred. A Dragon that is, say, a 75/25 mix can have more than one ability from the species it is most made of. But while the ability(s) would be stronger than that of a 50/50 hybrid, it still wouldn't be as powerful as a purebred.The more species you mix in, the weaker the Dragon's abilities are going to be depending on the percentage of each species, so keep that in mind when creating your character. If you aren't sure whether your abilities--either as a hybrid or purebred--will be accepted, ask any Staff member or regular member. We're all here to help!

But don't think you are limited to your species' abilities. You don't want a character that is just like someone else's right? So give them a unique ability no one has yet! However, there are a few abilities that are off limits: telepathy and teleportation are among them. These abilities are available to full gods only, so unless your character is a full god, you can't have it. Speaking of gods, it's time to tell you that your Dragon can't be an all-powerful god. I know, you really wanted one, but you can't. However, you can have a demi-god. They must be the child of either a semi-god or a full god and a mortal. And of course you must have the permission of that god to be their child. That said, don't go following a god around for a week begging them to let you be their child. If they aren't ready to have kids, you're just going to have to wait. There is another way to be a demi-god without a god parent: either winning a contest in which the prize is creating your own demi-god character, or having an existing character be given demi-god status by a full god (again, don't go pestering a full god for this to happen). If you do have a demi-god character, be aware that they are the weakest of the gods, only a little more powerful than a mortal. They are allowed 1 godly power but it must be an ability that their god parent has. The only exception is if your demi-god status is a gift from a full god, then you may have any ability (within reason) that you want.

Also, no matter what species you character is, they shouldn't have 1 hit, instant kill abilities. We don't want a bunch of overpowered characters running around. Besides, you can't kill another character without their owner's consent, so why even have an ability that will allow you to kill them instantly?

Dragon Species
EarthWing -  max height 100ft, max flight speed 40mph
FireWing - max height 85t, max flight speed 50mph
NightWing - max height 40ft, max flight speed 80mph
LightWing - max height 50ft, max flight speed 70mph
IceWing - max height 75ft, max flight speed 60mph
SeaWing - max height 35ft, max flight speed 50mph, max swim speed 70mph
SkyWing - max height 30ft, max flight speed 120mph (150mph with dedication to speed)
ElderWing (NPC) - max height 80ft  - Info found here: https://www.rpgdragons.org/t2897-the-history-of-daelorios-island?highlight=Daelorios

A Dragon's maximum size is determined by their species. A purebred cannot exceed its max height, while a mix breed can grow to the max height of the larger species. For example a mix breed of, say a SkyWing and FireWing, can grow to the maxmimum height of a FireWing.

Here are the lifespans of Dragons:
Mortals: 3,000
Demi-gods: 4,500
Semi-gods: 6,000
Full gods: Infinite
And here's the Human and Lesser Species Lifespans:
Humans: 30-70 years (depending on living conditions, illnesses, etc.)
Lesser Species: 500

Dragon Ranks (Be sure to ask the leader of the tribe you intend to join what ranks they have. The ranks listed below are generic, available in every tribe (though some might have a different name), but most tribes have additional ranks that are unique to them. High ranks are listed in the High-Rank section, however you should ask the tribe leader what, if any, high ranks are available. You must have your tribe's leader's approval to get a high rank and usually can't start off with it (meaning you'll have to start off with a regular rank, then once your character is approved, you can ask for a high rank). Depending on availabilty/demand, you may be granted the rank right away. If you are new to the site, however, the leader might want to see you participate in a few RPs first to make sure you are going to be active on the site.)

Hatclings: They are the young dragons, mostly just hatched from their egg or younger than 10 years. At this time, they are chosen either for Tracker or Guardian, depending on their strength and body shape.

Trainees: The dragons who are currently in training. They either train to become a Tracker or a Guardian, or a Healer in training with their Trainers (teachers).

Citizens: These are the every day dragons that make up the bulk of any tribe. They are provided for by the trackers and live relatively easy lives. The citizens take care of building and everything else the military doesn't handle.

Guardian: The dragons who protects the tribe from danger, including other dragons and animals. Protectors are usually the bulky and powerful dragons of the tribe.

Scholars: These are the scientists of the tribe. Personal information libraries, Scholars work to advance the technology(magic) of their tribe and they share knowledge. They are not very good fighters but they have some of the strongest magic in the tribe.

Lieutenant: Lieutenants are second in command of a dragon tribe. A lieutenant is chosen by the leaders to be their successors. They are responsible for organizing daily patrols for the tribe, such as hunting patrols and border patrols. If a tribe leader is unable to lead a tribe temporarily, then the lieutenant would take over for that time. If a lieutenant is sick or injured, then a senior dragon will temporarily take his/her place.
Note: Requires Tribe leader approval.

Restricted Species:
Nightfury. Nightfury's are restricted to only Astral's family. They have the standard abilities of fire breathing and compressing into what they call a plasma blast. Immunity to fire. And speed the likes of which is on par with the fastest of Skywings.

All characters are to be posted here https://www.rpgdragons.org/f5-create-your-dragon Below is the character creation template.
Click for Dragon Character Creation Template:

Dragon Abilities
Each species of Dragon has a set of natural abilities that every member of that species has.

IceWings: IceWings have extremely cold frost breath and jagged claws. Purebreds can withstand the heat of FireWings and their territory. They can manipulate ice.

FireWings: FireWings have extremely hot fire breath. Purebreds can withstand the cold of IceWings and their territory. They can manipulate fire.

LightWings: LightWings have a powerful light beam breath that burns on contact. They can change the color of their scales to reflect their mood and to blend in to their surroundings.

SeaWings: SeaWings can breathe underwater (Purebreds for as long as they want, hybrids only for a limited amount of time depending on how much SeaWing heritage they have). They also have scalding water breath and can manipulate water.

SkyWings: SkyWings have lightning breath and can create strong gusts of wind just by flapping their wings.

NightWings: NightWings can blend into the darkness and have the best night vision of any Dragon species. They also have breathe a mist that causes those who inhale it to eventually fall asleep, the length of time this takes depending on the size of the Dragon.

EarthWings: EarthWings can manipulate earth. They can have a venomous bite or spit acid. Purebred EarthWings are immune to poisons and toxins. Note: You can have one of these abilities, but not all three. Immunity still applies even if you don't have poision/toxin abilities.

Special abilities
Special abilities are abilities that are unique to your character, something no one else has (Of course, this doesn't mean you aren't allow to have a special ability that someone else has. However, if it is EXACTLY like what another character has, we'll let you know and help you make changes to make it different). It can be related to your species' element or be something completely different, like shapeshifting, for example. As a reminder, your character may only have ONE special ability. Additional ones may be purchased with Dragon Points (Human characters may use Dragon Points as well).

Further Info
Now that we've covered the different species of Pyrria and some key bits of information about what is allowed, it's time to talk about the more challenging aspects of character creation. Personality. If you want a cookie-cutter character that isn't unique in any way, doesn't stand out, is wholly good or bad with no in-between... that's fine. You can have a character like that, but keep in mind some people find that boring and may not want to roleplay with your character. You may even get bored with the character yourself and stop roleplaying and we don't want that! If you're roleplaying for the first time it might be easier to create a character whose personality mirrors your own.

I hope this Guide has been helpful to you. If there's anything you think should be included in this or needs more explanation, please let staff know. I want to make sure this Guide gives you and everyone else, no matter your roleplay experience, everything you need to get your character created and approved as fast as possible so you can start your Dragon (or Lesser Species and yes, even Human) adventure here on DRF!  Smile

--Admins Baldirak & Astral and the DRF Staff Team

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Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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New Members Guide: Character Creation  Empty Re: New Members Guide: Character Creation

Post by Celestia Fri Jul 06, 2018 6:44 pm

Updated 7/6/18 the ability to use magic counts as a characters starting special ability but does not come with any 'spells' those must be purchased separately. If you are choosing for a character to gain magic later on then you may purchased as a minor ability in the DP rewards area for 200 DP. Added Restricted species.
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New Members Guide: Character Creation  Empty Re: New Members Guide: Character Creation

Post by Astral Sun Apr 12, 2020 2:06 pm

Updated 4/12/20. Characters starting with magic as their special ability may now come with one minor ability/spell to go with it.
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