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Two Assassins, One Target (Molpadia) Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Two Assassins, One Target (Molpadia) Dragon10
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Two Assassins, One Target (Molpadia)

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Two Assassins, One Target (Molpadia) Empty Two Assassins, One Target (Molpadia)

Post by Svadilfare Mon Jul 24, 2017 4:13 pm

Svadilfare was on his way to Anthropinos once again. He found himself in this city so often, it seemed. Perhaps he ought to get a house here... The warrior assassin had left Celestia in a nearby village since both target and client were in the same place. He didn't intend on staying the night and wanted to leave as soon as his job was done. Having Celestia along would make things go a little slower with her still trying to get used to being a pregnant Human. Plus, he wasn't entirely comfortable being around her again yet. Part of it was she kept inquiring about his right hand; he wasn't ready to share that story. For the other part, Svadilfare was still mad at her for leaving.

About an hour earlier...

"This job should be relatively quick, so you don't need to go with me. You look like you could use some rest, anyway..." Svadilfare had said to Celestia as they approached a small village. It was nowhere near as big as Kryo or Gnaikes; it was probably only made up of one or two clans. Svad knew an old couple who lived here, as they had given him shelter a few winters ago when he got caught in a storm on his way back home. He took Celestia there and explained to the couple that she needed a place to sleep while he went ahead to Anthropinos to get supplies. The couple happily accepted and Svadilfare gave them a generous number of coins for their help.

Before leaving, he took Celestia aside and spoke quietly. "I doubt anyone would bother you, but don't venture too far from this house should you get restless. Take this just in case," he said as he handed her one of his throwing knives. "It's a throwing knife, but you have no business trying to throw it..." Training Celestia was a slow process--there was only so much he was comfortable teaching her while she was with child. Needless to say, he hadn't gotten to using weapons yet. "But it can still be used like a regular blade. Just hold it up in front of you if someone tries to grab or hit you. Or if it helps, pretend... you're.. your usual self... and striking someone with your "hand". And the knife is your nails." After looking at her for a moment he gave her another knife. "In case something happens to the other, or you need two. I'll be back in a few hours."


Perhaps out of habit--which was strange to him because he'd never done it before with her--Svadilfare had hugged Celestia before leaving the village. Coming out of his thoughts, he found himself walking the streets of Anthropinos. When had he arrived? His eyes darted about, looking for something familiar to tell him exactly where he was. He heard the pounding of metal... near the blacksmith. His client had told him to meet them not far from it, in a house next to a bakery. Sure enough, the smell of molten metal was soon replaced by the scent of fresh-baked bread. He glanced up at the sky. The sun told him he had time to stop for a sweet. After paying and finishing the after dinner treat, Svadilfare knocked on the door of the house of his client. A moment later, a young boy opened the door. Svadilfare smiled at the boy and asked to see the grownup. The boy looked at him suspiciously but led him inside and told him to wait there.

A woman that was probably 20 years older than Svadilfare greeted him a minute later. She seemed exhausted and looked like she hadn't slept in days; she was unkempt. Excusing her appearance, she led Svad into a room that housed a hearth. The Kryoan opened his mouth to conduct his usual line of questioning, but the woman interrupted him. "I need to finish cooking and I don't have time for questions," she explained. While she moved about the room, grabbing ingredients for whatever she was making, she got right to the point. "I need you to kill this woman I know. I need you to make it look like a woman could have done it. When you're done--the boy who let you in, he's my son--I need you to take him somewhere safe. I don't care where, just get him out of Anthropinos."

The woman left Svadilfare to process that. She returned a minute later with a fairly large sack of coins. He guessed about two rabbits could have fit in there. "This is everything I have," she said as she handed him the sack. "Half of it is yours. The rest you are to give my son after you take him to his new home." When Svad said nothing she added, "All I care about is my son. You can keep his coin if you want. You can have it all even if you don't kill the woman, just please promise me you'll take my boy far away from here."

Finally, Svad spoke. "If the assassination is not necessary to whatever plan you have made, why ask for an assassin? Why not just hire a warrior or even a sneak-thief to take your son away?"

"Because I want to punish my husband. He is a pig and an abusive one at that. I want the murder of his mistress to look like a woman did it, because he'll think I did it. He'll kill me himself rather than go to the soldiers or nobles... but my son will be long gone and safe from his rage." As if she knew what Svadilfare was going to ask next, she said, "Killing his mistress would hurt him more than killing him. Besides, I hope that once people see what he did to me, they'll want him hanged, especially when they also find evidence that our son is dead... A public death will be more justice than an assassination. I'd be able to rest in peace." She went on to explain how she would use animal blood and her son's clothes to suggest he had been killed then told Svadilfare where he could find the boy after he carried out the murder. And then called her son into the room and ushered him to the table to eat.

Svadilfare moved through the streets, contemplating where he would take the young boy. He didn't feel right taking all the coin the woman had to offer just for finding her son a new home, so he decided to do the job he was hired for. He followed the woman's directions to the home of her husband's mistress.


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Two Assassins, One Target (Molpadia) Empty Re: Two Assassins, One Target (Molpadia)

Post by Molpadia Sat Aug 19, 2017 5:33 pm

Molpadia found herself upon the familiar rooftops of  Anthropinos. It was so natural filling to stand above the inhabits of the black city, so much so that it was comforting to her in a way. She couldn't describe it. The feeling of invisibility was a security blanket for the Assassin. Knowing where everyone else is but no one knowing where you are, gave her a calming feeling. Maybe this derived from the impossible life she lived; a never-ending internal battle between becoming part of the criminal scum that infected the world or a savior to the people who need help but can't do it themselves. Honestly, she couldn't tell what side she was contributing to anymore. In her eyes, she was cutting the evil people out, as a surgeon would a tumor; taking the spreading sickness out in hopes of stopping it for good. She could also view herself as the monster in the dark, who separated families, a murder who would kill for her people without a second thought. Was she just another lowlife or was she an angel in the dark. Only time would give the correct answer.

The moon hung high over the city, lending its pale light to those below it. Molpadia knew that now was the perfect time to strike down a man who was on the side of evil-doers. A man who mistreated his wife to a point where she was another case of thrown out garbage. A lard man who's only contribution to the world was adding his share to the already big zest pool of evil. Her heart ached for the poor woman who had to put up with that senile man for so long. Now he had another woman even though he promised himself to the other woman. Molpadia both saw them at fault. There was no need to drag his mistress into this, but she did see where she was coming from; kill the thing he loves most and watch him die internally was far better than the calm embrace of death. Her morals were probably making her look too deep into this mess.

Hopefully, this would go off without any nicks along the way.  Wondering what would be in-store for her on this mission, she couldn't help but let her scowl turn into a smirk. Last time she was in this city she met the love of her life. Poor guy had and still is dealing with her flirts. He was tall, mysterious, and well drop-dead handsome, at least in her eyes he was. She didn't know how he perceived her, but she pretty sure he saw her as gorgeous.

Molpadia re-grounded herself back in the situation she was in right now. The woman was still alive and the sooner she ended her the sooner she would be back in her village. Noting that the directions the woman gave weren't too far from where she stood. Now, this is where she would have her fun; jumping from rooftop to rooftop is one of her more favorite activities that came along with this job. The rush that came from it was one of the best feelings in the world and she would be lying if she didn't say she was addicted to that rush. Her inner daredevil was always a driving force when it came to her life. The need for danger always drew her in which is why she was more likely to take the road filled with glass than the clear one. It's what kept her sane; being able to die with one miss guided step filled her with an infinite amount of joy that only she could grasp.

She moved to one side of the roof, ready to define what most would say was impossible. Taking out her shimmering weapons she was ready. With a clear mind a new found faith in herself she lept to the next roof, making the gap between her and her target all the more smaller.

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Two Assassins, One Target (Molpadia) Empty Re: Two Assassins, One Target (Molpadia)

Post by Svadilfare Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:51 am

The door of the target's house opened swiftly. The face behind it had been joyous, clearly expecting someone other than the Kryoan. A disappointed frown briefly dominated her features. "Yes?"

"Sorry to bother you, miss. I was told you can mend tapestries?" Svadilfare asked with an apologetic smile.

"Yes, I can." the woman replied in an almost irritated tone. The woman was not of noble breeding; she was greatly unremarkable aside from unusually colored hair. It was a pale blonde, almost silver, but she was only a couple years younger than Svadilfare. Her eyes were almond shaped and brown, her nose rounded and a bit short. Having heard herself, she quickly added with a small smile, "Forgive me, I was expecting someone. Come inside and I'll have a look at the tapestry." She stepped away from the door to allow the warrior/assassin in.

Svadilfare waved off the apology and stepped inside the house. It was simple in design but there was evidence of considerable coin. A servant girl was cleaning the kitchen floor. An intricate tapestry lay on the floor, too large to be hung on a wall. The Kryoan's eyes focused on the servant. He would have to take care of her before taking out his target. Perhaps he could buy her silence..

"Before I show you the tapestry, could I trouble you for a drink? I traveled a long way and it's quite hot out today. My canteen is empty," he said knowing she would point it out.

"Certainly. There's mead and goat's milk. I can send my servant for water if you'd like your canteen filled. Cool water from the well."

"Water will suffice."

"Sara, fill this man's canteen with water, will you? Cool water from the well. I'm sorry I don't know your name. I'm Maeve."

"William," Svad said as he handed the canteen to the Sara, who quickly rushed out of the house to complete her new task. Well, he'd still have to do something once she came back. "Did you make this one?" he asked in reference to the large tapestry on the floor in front of them.

"Oh, no. I only restore tapestries, I don't make them. I bought this from a noble who didn't care for it anymore. Forgive me for saying so, but you don't look like the sort who would own tapestries, William."

"You're forgiven and I don't. It's a gift for a friend of mine."

"A lady friend?" Maeve asked, as if she were interested in Svad and hoping there was no one he liked.

"She's getting married in two days and has always wanted a tapestry. Something to make her feel wealthy." Svad began walking around the room, trying to figure out exactly how to kill Maeve. He could just kill her now with a blade. He could kill Maeve in another room so it would take longer for her to be discovered. Either way, when Sara returned he would have to kill her to keep her from giving his description to the nobles. He sighed inwardly. And then he turned his attention back to Maeve. "How much do you charge for your restorations?"

"Ah, I see. Tapestries make a lovely gift." She watched as the man paced around the room. "It depends on its size and intricacy. The smaller and simpler it is, the less I charge. The bigger and more detailed, the more I charge. Yours must be small if it is able to fit in your satchel, so I might only charge a few coins... but I need to see it, of course."

"Of course." Svadilfare reached into his satchel and gripped a throwing knife. "Perhaps I'll have some of that goat's milk," he said with a clearing of his throat. "I am quite parched."

"Certainly.." Maeve walked into the kitchen and grabbed the bucket of fresh goat's milk. She spooned some into a cup and handed it to Svad. "So from where do you hail, William? You said you traveled a long way."

"From Brysur." He drank the warm milk and set the cup down, then pulled the knife from his satchel. Maeve eyed the blade but said nothing, though she was clearly nervous now.


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