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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Merakeen at your service Dragon10
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Merakeen at your service Empty Merakeen at your service

Post by Beek-Jin Wed Feb 05, 2020 11:35 am

First up: the color scheme of the picture doesn't really align with the describtion, which is because I couldn't find a nice picture with a blue mane, so it's up to everyones imagination ^^

Merakeen at your service 8d3wsnao
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures. Credit goes solely to the artist. Sources at the end

Type of Character: Dragon
Link to Character List Page: This is my first one
Personal Info
Name: Merakeen
Age: young matured adult, about 27 years old
Gender: female
Sexuality: heterosexual
Personality: Pride and Arrogance are just as instilled in this young dragoness, as most other NightWings. The pride and feeling of superiority over lesser species is an integral part of Merakeen’s personality, although she is not as hostile and condescending as other NightWings. Even though she is not a full purebred, she tries to make up for the stain in her lineage through behavior and dedication, often times cursing her own appearance, since it is such an obvious proof of her LightWing ancestry.
While being a proud NightWing she doesn’t act depreciating towards other dragons, viewing them all as superior to the other species on Pyrria. She actually values the contact to different tribes and the information they can offer her, because knowledge is power. Her many contacts give her a wide reach and pool of resources keeping her up to date about the world and allowing her Intel that other dragons might not be able to get from superficial friendships and alliances.
Merakeen is a master at being charismatic and getting people to open up to her, embracing her in a friendly demeanor and pretending to care about others and their problems, while she would actually never hesitate to rat them out or kill them herself, when it benefits her own survival. She prefers not to spill the blood of contacts, dragons and others alike, but would not hesitate to do so if necessary.
Beneath a strong, proud and confident demeanor, she is deeply insecure and rippled with anxiety, which is the main motivation of staying strong and detached from people. She doesn’t form strong bonds with people, in case they disappoint her, get killed or she has to kill them.
And most importantly, Merakeen is a fighter. Fighting, surviving and honing her skills are what drives her. Never having to be in the situation of captivity and defeat in a fight are the key goals she has and are what keeps her going in every second. Her whole life is pretty much focused on staying alive and fighting her way through. She is the one person she trusts the most.
Humans, to some extent
Especially shackles around her neck.
Enclosed, small rooms with not enough space to move and fight.
Her own memories and being confronted with her past before the monster invasion
Fear to not fit into the NightWings anymore, becoming an outcast and not being able to fit in with her own kind anymore
Offensive battle technique and outmaneuvering her opponents
Very agile and maneuverable in small spaces like forests and canyons
Very well connected throughout the tribes, mostly with lower citizens or craftsmen and not very much with politically important people
Well versed in the different dragon cultures
Good at masking her true emotions and pretending to be more royal/confident/whatever it is that is important in the certain situation
Speed in flight
Not well versed in the typical fields of sciences or magic, like most NightWings should be
Kind of a social retard in her own tribe(couldn’t find a prettier description for that lol)
Lacks the refined intellect of the typical NightWing and doesn’t know the rules to common games and such
Suffers from stress or memory induced panic attacks and night terrors
Weaker NightWing abilities than Purebreds due to her smidge of LightWing inheritance
Somewhat arrogant towards lesser species and a try hard when it comes to making up for her unpure blood

General Appearance
Height: 37 ft
Scales: most of her scales are of a dull, charcoal black slightly fading into dark hues of blue on the outer rings of the individual scales giving her a kind of iridescent look. The “fur” lining her features shimmering azurite which quite literally sparkles in the correct lighting, much to her dismay
Eyes: iridescent mother of pearl
Appearance: Due to some mixed heritage appearance wise Merakeen looks a little bit like a jumble of classic European and Asian Dragons (Link to body shape ). She has four limbs keeping her upright and a set of wings, but also the long, slender body of the Asian dragons with the characteristic “fur” outlining facial features and her spine and tail. Large horns of ebony grace her head and the tips of her folded wings. She isn’t completely comfortable with her looks but tries to make the best of it, especially using her slender body and long neck to move gracefully and majestically if she wants and needs to.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: NightWings
Inheritance: 95% Nightwing, 5% LightWing
Rank: currently rogue, trying to get back into a citizen, if not better status
Family: Both parents deceased, no brothers or sisters
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Normal Abilities: Like most NightWings Merakeen can blend into the shadows, but thanks to her LightWing heritage it is much harder for her and doesn’t completely work. You can always see the shimmer of her scales and mane through the shadows. What she can do is manipulate shadows to help her blend in better during dusk and dawn, where the shimmer of her mane is not as visible. She also has the NightWing’s nightvision and their sleeping gas breath attack. From her LightWing heritage she only adapted the ability to adapt the tones of blue in her scales. She can’t change the color completely, but can vary the tone of blue. She is also rather dedicated to her speed and almost matches the NightWing’s top speed with 75mph when she needs to, however can't hold that for very long.
Special Abilities: Black mantle: Ability to use shadows to shield herself from smaller breath attacks or human weapons by deflecting them through building a wall of shadows between herself and the opponent. She can also use this attack to wrap shadows around the wings of dragons or lesser species to drop them out of the sky. However this is very draining to her and not possible for all dragons. Especially purebreds, older and massive dragons and EarthWings (Manticores included as well) are nearly impossible for her to drop them. It would drain her to the extent that she would have to land herself and would be immensely weakened. For smaller dragons she would lose altitude and speed. The ability is only usable once every 4 posts for just the deflective wall, and once every 10 posts for dropping a dragon out of the sky. The effect of the wall lasts for 1 post/1 attack only, while the dropping out of the sky only lasts until the dragon hits the bottom, while more powerful dragons might also be able to break the ability during the drop without hitting the ground.
Combat Style: Very offensive. She is a warrior and fighter through and through and enjoys to outthink her opponent in offensive maneuvers rather than defensive and secretive ploys.

History: Born to a pure bred alchemist father and a very proud historian, hybrid mother, Merakeen enjoyed an extensive education in sciences, history and etiquette, although the arts and crafts were a little neglected. Early on she found battle tactics fascinating, but never thought to use them herself. Especially her mother instilled in her the pride and arrogance of NightWings, trying to make up for the mistake of an ancestor in her line, who mated with a LightWing, staining their purebred lineage. Having grown up in a sheltered environment the monster invasion came as a shock to the juvenile dragoness, her parents were killed during their escape from the overrun territory, leaving her vulnerable in foreign lands, where she fell into the hands of a human clan. They used the young dragoness and her powers to further their expansion and war with other humans. They tortured and shackled the young Merakeen, who was still grieving the loss of her parents and trying to comprehend the sudden terror advancing on her life. The grief, ironically, protected her mind from being broken in the early years but also made her easy to control for the humans as she was completely apathetic. However, once the grief retreated the enslavement took a toll on her mind and when she finally managed to escape, thanks to a group of monsters invading the camp, her mind was almost broken. In a desperate hurry she fled as fast as she could, seldom resting, always on guard for the humans who were hunting her. It took a great distance of time and miles until the humans gave up and Merakeen found some resemblance of rest.
The now matured NightWing spent the next years as a rogue. Travelling the territories ever restless and never truly feeling safe anywhere, desperately avoiding her old tribe and the memories of a past life connected to it. This life, her escape and travels, shaped her into a well versed, well connected dragoness with friends and contacts in all tribes and a fighter, honing and refining her battle skills until she didn’t have to be afraid anymore, until she found trust in herself again and felt finally ready to face the memories of her childhood and return to the NightWings.
RP Sample: (Provide a RP sample of how you would roleplay. Optional)
Picture Sources: https://www.deviantart.com/istrandar/art/Khalaran-771897269

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Merakeen at your service Empty Re: Merakeen at your service

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco Wed Feb 05, 2020 1:08 pm

Approved. Would you like your username changed to your character's name? This is not mandatory, it just makes it easier when RPing as someone might assume Merakeen is a NPC.
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Merakeen at your service Empty Re: Merakeen at your service

Post by Beek-Jin Wed Feb 05, 2020 1:10 pm

Yes, that would be great, thank you! Smile

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