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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

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Post by Attor Wed Feb 26, 2020 11:22 am

"The Story thus far...

A year passed the invasion, the treacherous search for a new home had concluded and the conjoined Light and Sky tribes rebuild once more, however their past comes to haunt them in unexpected ways...

Prior note: this lore goes over the new Starlights tribe despite being here for almost two years. This content is up for editing any time, and those within and outside the faction are always welcome to add more to. This is for the LightWings primarily as there isn't much lore for them like there is SkyWings.

The Way of White, the Light Dragons of past and present

Four years before the events of the downfall of the Light Palace, the residents there had lost their sovereign long before the usurping of the Dragons. To this news many wanted to take the throne and anarchy began to rise, but despite this no one would accept another as ruler. Many parts of the city began to form small groups of order to help control the trouble stirring about however this became pointless due to these groups trying gain power over one another, in short they were trying to play king. The factions became more violent toward one another and each one, for nearly a year, have had skirmishes within the kingdom causing various sections of the city to become warzones. The Light Dragons became divided, as such, the city went from orderly to chaotic with various citizens fleeing out of fear. To combat this the factions forced those they deemed "lesser" to work under their influence, usually by force when a gang ambushes those escaping the conflict and kept them behind their walls. The longer these factions fought, the worse LightWing society got. This came to an abrupt stop.

Attor, Sovereign of the long-rivaled SkyWings saw the conflict and jumped at the chance to expand his dominion. Wanting to gain territory and end the rivalry between the two opposing kingdoms, he started to slowly and successfully move forces into LightWing territory, carefully absorbing the Lush Jungles until three months his forces surrounded the LightWing city. This wasn't without conflict though, his forces met these nameless factions in combat and each time the SkyWings won with little casualties. As soon as the threat of Sky Dragons approached with reinforced units most of these factions disbanded out of fear, but the more stubborn and larger groups fought until they themselves were killed off.

Demanding the Light Dragons surrender in a more or less peaceful manner, many rendered unto the new king Attor and his SkyWings despite their disdain toward the opposite race. Some insurrectionists still fought but were captured and imprisoned instead of being outright killed as a sign of mercy and a second chance at life. Most did indeed comply, others however were kicked from either kingdom and treated as outcasts.

So, the new Age of Starlights began as peaceful as two opposite sides could get: politically dirty. Since the forefront of the Sky Dragon armies were reinforced in major places around the Light Palace small riots and crimes were cracked down on since the treaty. Many Light Dragons perceived the Sky King as a tyrant though much hadn't been changed at all, many skeptics and rebels resorted to the fact that this was all folly, that the Sky Dragons planned to take over slowly until only their species were thriving while they were under their claws. This led to the failed assassination of Attor, the sovereign of the two kingdoms in an attempt to, "Save all dragons from this danger." Instead what took place was the capture of the assailants, both hired hands and employers, and they were forever more prisoners of war. Though sentenced to life, the criminals were treated with kindness; given food, comfy shelter, and so forth by demand of the king. Despite the Sky Dragons loathing these actions they did what they were told, several years later showing these assailants another perspective of the king: he was merciful.

These dragons only served several years before being released back into public, their crimes forever staining their reputation. Regardless, the Light Dragons stood in their place as the world's healers and guardians despite being, in all truth, ruled by the Sky Dragons. Keeping that pride, insurrectionists slowly but surely began to arise in secret, ready for the perfect time to strike. This time however was ruined when their political representative, Johgm, had gone to verbal war between religions, freedoms, and the assimilation the SkyWings forced upon their kind. Seeing it as an opportune moment these rebels turned into figure heads themselves and began to win over the LightWing public through gatherings and protests, using their fears and promises to liberate their kind from the SkyWings shadow. Although they were strongly supported, their "Rulers," the SkyWings, produced their own representatives and fought back, throwing in logical and sound arguments that won them back the majority of the LightWing people.

Never did Attor or any of his high officers take away the Light Dragons beliefs or freedoms for that matter the SkyWings easily approved for religious and spiritual freedom and the right to a prosperous life. The LightWings Johgm and his followers continued to look upon the past and push the matter of their downfall, but not only did that argument lose traction, the LightWing citizens began to see the point of the SkyWings more clearly and accepted it despite their mistrust due to racial issue. Imploding on themselves, these political figures devised and carried out plans against their opposites.

Respected and well known Light Dragons went missing and days later found dead between the territories, LightWing history archives ravaged and decimated as well as important artifacts stolen and found in makeshift housing within the SkyWing territory. This turned the tide as Light Dragons saw these atrocious acts and many rebelled against the accused. This caught the attention quickly of the SkyWing Sovereignty and they assesses the situations. After much investigation and watching, these officers discovered and quietly apprehended (stole) scrolls containing the various acts of violence under Johgm's writing and name, including the names of those who approved and committed these crimes willingly. Court was taken place soon after, and in front of LightWing public the evidence was presented. Those who had committed these acts were executed by order of the king to show his mercy and patience oy went so far.

With the death of these political figures, newer representatives were chosen quite carefully by the Light Dragons. With much of their older history and artifacts destroyed, they clung to what little while succumbing to the SkyWing influence, whether they liked it or not. In attempts to repair the damages, the SkyWings rebuilt what was lost... well what could be repair at least. They began to expand the city and even present the sandstone palace with various plants only found in outer lands. This, however, came to an abrupt stop one night as a mysterious and chaotic force invaded the land and quickly destroyed both capitol cities, forcing the survivors to unite and seek shelter elsewhere.


The Way of White, Present Events and New Beliefs

With the injured in tow and tagged with their longtime enemies, the Light Dragons, under command of Sky King Attor have traveled a great deal for months on end. Caves were sought out as a safe and hidden haven however the other worldly beasts followed and dismembered many of the ranks leaving only a handful of survivors, and to their dismay every cave was inhabited by some creature of greater strength and size. It wasn't until their king had been following a familiar path that they used for hunting in the mountains. With the Sky Dragons, the Light Dragons began to question their rulers leadership with some even abandoning the group. Those who stayed remained skeptical or simply loyal out of fear with few remaining honor bound and loyal out of either habit or to stay true to their Kings decision.

Finally, after months of searching, they had found a new home atop a large plateau hidden by the mountains. The massive ogre that laid claim was slain and the Starlights Dragons began to hunker down in the networked caves and caverns, the Light Dragons healing any wounded. Despite all they've been through they found some companionship and trust amongst their old rival Sky Dragons, however there were still mistrusts and hatred from the past. And despite living together as equals to their wind drakes few of the Light Dragons plotted to kill their injured "king" and take control, forcing the Sky kin to live under their shadow. This was led by and expert Cleric, "Xanshi Joryui," who lived under the fear of being a slave to his opposites had planned even before this while mess to assassinate Attor. The night he attempted so was met with his own demise, attempting to poison the king's herbs with potent nightshade was met with interrogation by the King's trusted guardian, Hanual. After discovering the truth of his madness and never wavering goal, Xanshi fought the guardian only to be stabbed numerous times by Attor himself, slowly succumbing to the painful venom that paralyzed him. After the event, the Cleric was deemed a traitor and his body was buried in the earth to that nature takes him back: a nightshade tree now growing planted upon the deeply buried body.

After the announcement of their Clerics death many of the Light Dragons became outraged and left, though they later died from traveling back to their once grand sandstone city to reclaim it. What was left of the tribe were only a small pinch of survivors and later those nearly true to the king's goals and ideas. While still met with skepticism, the Light Dragons, most at the least began to integrate more into the new life style. Trust began to build between most of the leftover tribe and the opportunity to start anew couldn't be any present now. When an ElderWing from an extension of the Earth Dragon tribe came to aid the small two-year settlement they were met with curiousness and caution, regardless, both Light and Sky kin accepted this help.

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Post by Attor Wed Mar 04, 2020 1:26 pm

Parts that needed editing are done.
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