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Miracles, the Lesser and Greater tales of the Gods Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Miracles, the Lesser and Greater tales of the Gods Dragon10
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Miracles, the Lesser and Greater tales of the Gods Vote_lcapMiracles, the Lesser and Greater tales of the Gods Voting_barMiracles, the Lesser and Greater tales of the Gods Vote_rcap 
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Miracles, the Lesser and Greater tales of the Gods Vote_lcapMiracles, the Lesser and Greater tales of the Gods Voting_barMiracles, the Lesser and Greater tales of the Gods Vote_rcap 

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Miracles, the Lesser and Greater tales of the Gods

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Miracles, the Lesser and Greater tales of the Gods Empty Miracles, the Lesser and Greater tales of the Gods

Post by Attor Tue Mar 10, 2020 3:43 pm

Note: These spells are exclusive to the Starlights "Way of White" religious group. To add, you don't need to be a Healer to learn Miracles, as long as you are of the church you have an option of learning this magic but it is recommended you do

Miracle, what makes a "miracle" in the first place? Is it a rare stroke of luck? Or simply a superstition that many believe in? The answer comes in the form not many were expecting when SkyWing Sovereign Attor discovered a very old, very ancient craft long forgotten that were merely called, "Miracles." Directly before the fall of both the LightWing and SkyWing kingdoms, Attor had his court mage decipher the old texts and discovered they were old tales of the gods, however upon closer inspection these ancient scrolls, brailles, and tomes were infused with an obtainable magic. A magic that was pure, light, and was later thought to be inscribed into the texts by either a god or their prophet.

The Way of White were but an idea Sovereign Attor had, but at that time directly before the invasion on Pyrria they barely cracked the tip of the iceberg and discovered only a very specific training was needed. Unfortunately, the invasion did happen, and Attor, with the few texts tucked away in his wings, fled with the remainder of his people. Now that they have settled, Attor created one of two religions to provide not only hope but a way to bring back an old lost art known now as Miracles. This was a way to protect oneself against the hordes of monsters or against opposing dragons, but to also provide aid and comfort as well as a way to fight against any threat if the physical wasn't enough. Miracles are tales that one must read and understand before training in the specific spell. Here, we take a look at these Miracles, their costs and how they work.

The lesser tales, easy yet effective Miracles

I. Heal Aid, Sana Aidus (San-nah Aed-doos), Cost: 200DP
A simple Miracle, a tale that tells of the LightWings who discovered an earlier form of healing immediately. The first Light Dragons discovered with this power they can heal minor wounds and even illnesses from a simple plague to even frostbite at stage 3. The spell takes only one post to cast and two to recharge, it can be used to to fifteen times though it cannot heal any breaks or grievous injuries.

II. Heal, Sana (San-nah), Cost: 200DP
One of the prominent and of course most common Miracle, this specific story tells of a puny Light Dragon who used all it's life to heal the two rival king's, bringing an end to and bloody war. Those casting this spell will heal medium damage that requires extensive care and repairing minor breaks, removing any impurities from any wounds and stop the bleeding whilst also nulling the pain. This spell takes two turns to charge and three to recharge, can only be used 10 times. It cannot heal any plagues or natural venoms, however it can remove pain and nullify the spreading of said venoms.

III. Caressing Tears, Blandissimis Adiutoriis Lacrimae (Blawn-deece-sim-eece Aud-ee-oot-aur-rees Lack-reem-aee, Cost: 200DP
Caressing Tears is the sad tale of a hatchling named Titan, who descended from the Star goddess Astral. Though the tale stray from the main god Shardas, it tells of how Titan underwent a dark path once Astral left her children in the care of Nimbus who rejected Titan as a son. This story ends in sadness as it ends with the hatchling dreaming of his mother's caress, his tears left on an old scroll that created the Miracle, "Caressing Tears." Though it induces sadness and want to a lesser extent, this Miracle is frequently used to rid it's caster of pain, illness, poison/toxin, and any negative energies and emotion. The spell can be used 10 times, each time almost instantly but takes most the turn, however recharges for five turns.

IV. Tears of Denial, Ex Negata Lacrimae (Ects Nehg-aetah Laac-rim-ay), Cost: 400DP
The tale of how Titan, son of Death, had found and rejoiced in Shardas' light. Throughout the story, Titan had dreamt of his mother but began to take form into the killing of his siblings and father. The troubled hatchling is visited by Shardas in this dream, who calmly and lovingly strips the bad thoughts from the child's head, but in an effort to resist, Titan used his tears to deny the gods help. This tale ends in the two befriending and trusting each other, the tears staining the scroll used in this Miracle, "The Tears of Denial." In the time the caster sustains heavy damage they can use this Miracle to boost their pain tolerance to the point they cannot feel their wounds, temporarily make them stronger and resistant to any venoms, toxins, and natural elementary attacks. The Miracle can be used three times, it takes three turns to charge but ten to recharge.

V. Produce Force, Vis Frugibus (Vees Froo-gee-booce), Cost: 200
The tale of a wayward sorcerer who came to create the first scrolls of Miracles. It tells of the dragon who met a primitive man, discovering he'd had an odd power of the gods by his side but was unfortunately old and lonesome. The dragon sorcerer attempted to speak to the man but was repeatedly knocked down by an invisible force, it wasn't until the old man was in a conflict with a group of rogue dragons that he produced a large force that not only knocked these dragons down but also paralyzed them. Though a weaker version of what's in the tale, Produce Force targets up to three individuals in a thirty degree radius, both on land and in air, and knocks them to the ground with no damage. This Miracle can be used five times, charged to one turn but recharges for five.

The Greater Tales, from the experienced to mastered

VI. Sacred Oath, Iuramenti (Ee-err-ahm-ehnt-ii), Cost: 400
One of the first tales of trust between a mere mortal and Shardas. It tells of the trials this mortal went through, despite everything falling around them they trusted that one day Shardas would give them bounty, eventually becoming an enduring devout. Only, the tale ends with the mortal giving everything up including their life, leaving only their faith and a sacred promise to their deity for others to follow. What many could gather is this tale is of faith.
Sacred Oath is a unique Miracle that can only be learned by Paladins and Priests allowing their strength to nearly double and allowing them to endure fatal attacks until it wears off, it can be used it twice. This Miracle takes one turn to charge and remains active for six, but recharges for ten and has several drawbacks: Great Fatigue, a half chance of Paralysis, and the nulling of natural abilities.

VII. Sunlight Spear, Hastam Solis (Hah-stohm Soul-liis), Cost: 400

The tale of the first Light Dragon Pilgrims turning Miracles into a weapon. These devouts of Shardas focused light and faith into a sharp arrow that travels faster than a SkyWing. The tale of Hastam Solis, a powerful pilgrim is told that this dragon fought for her people and entrusted Shardas to help her. In the darkest hour when the Sky Dragons were ready to conquer the Light Dragons, she focused and sacrificed her life to spew forth countless spears of light striking the legions of the Sky.
The first offensive and most powerful of the offensive Miracles, the Caster can summon a spear of light that can deal serious damage to a dragon, capable of impaling them. This cast takes three turns to charge, and ten to recharge, but can only be used four times. This Miracle is only taught to Paladins.

VIII. Sunlight Storm, Solis Tempestas (Soul-liis Tem-pehs-tahs), Cost: 400

The Miracle that tells of a human who wielded the true power of Shardas. Though their power taken by the dragons, the devout sent a storm of blinding wrath to his kingdom, swallowing it in ruin and burning light. Since his actions were deemed selfish, a dragon follower stole his power but left the human alive until the dragon itself became corrupt by this Miracle. Back and forth, the tale tells of how this power was abused and so is only granted to entrusted Priests.
This Miracle can only be used once, it is an AOE (All Out Effect) attack that covers 200ft radius of  an area. The attack is in the form of a thick swirling white and gold storm that temporarily blinds and will cause disorientation for up to 8 turns, it can cause between two to four degree burns the close the targets are to the caster even completely charring foes who are already injured, though this attack effects even allies. It takes ten of the casters turns to charge however it can leave the caster completely fatigue and out of energy, obtaining severe third degree burns all over their body and depleting their stamina entirely. This attack also makes them sensitive to touch, so it is only used with caution.

Greater Force, Maior Vis (May-oar Veece), Cost: 400

Maior Vis, as the story tells, was a passionate traveling scholar who served his king well. He came across old ruins that was still inhabited by a large society of humans, captured and tormented, Maior Vis was spent years captive to these creatures. In his time as their pet, he meditated and prayed to Shardas that one day he could be free of these humans. That day came when the humans were ready to kill the dragon for his scales, but upon meditating one last time, Maior Vis cast a force so great to twisted the humans to the point of disfigurement and instantly killed them, but unfortunately the dragon was caved in alive meeting a swift end.
Despite what the story tells, Maior Vis cannot twist an individual into a dead horror, but it can deal medium damage (major bruising) and cause sever disorientation, it can knock a foe within a 50ft radius down to the ground with half their stamina knocked away. This includes allies, bystanders and enemies. This Miracle is only used three times, must charge for four turns and recharge for six.
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