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The Duet (Tenebris) Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

The Duet (Tenebris) Dragon10
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The Duet (Tenebris)

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The Duet (Tenebris) Empty The Duet (Tenebris)

Post by Shira Sun Sep 20, 2020 11:03 am

"Why is this not working?" The black dragoness spoke in a soft tone before she sighed quietly, moving toward a warm hearth. Her mind was racing with ideas as to why this one scroll wasn't making much sense to her, sitting and curling her tail around her haunches while nestling her wings tightly against her side. Her blue eyes searched the fire, dipping into each of her mental resources to decode this intriguing scroll. It had no known origin, no dating, and the entire thing seemed to be written in a personally known code to the dragon that wrote it.

She sat there for nearly half an hour before shaking her head and looking toward her stack of scrolls to her right, smiling softly. Those scrolls never let her down in their translation: Musical Scrolls. For three weeks, these scrolls had been prized possessions and treated like the relics they were. Standing, she made her way toward those scrolls and settled, lifting her front paws to open and view the pile that she had not quite figured out a good tone to. She knew of typical tones and the rise or fall of certain chords as most songs had the same musical pattern to them of that time. It worked then and it worked now. But there was one that she was close to finishing, though she was not quite as excited to show her Archon in any case.

Running her eyes over the first few words, she smiled and moved her paw to trace a claw along the line. Her humming began, vibrating from within her throat in a low, smooth thrum that nearly sounded like a growl if such things could be melodic in any manner. As the song moved forward, her hum rose in tune as she closed her eyes, the song was beautiful and full of meaning.

She continued her humming before it faultered, opening her eyes to look down at the scroll before her with a quiet sigh escaping from her nostrils. It just didn't feel right, something was missing. There was something that the original creator had in mind that she didn't know, something that gave the song more depth. Her blue eyes calmly scanned the aged material as her mind wandered to the times when these songs rang through the halls and the dancing would ensue, imagining an elegant party that both elite and lowers would attend and coexist as one unit.
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The Duet (Tenebris) Empty Re: The Duet (Tenebris)

Post by Tenebris Mon Sep 21, 2020 10:51 am

Tenebris stalked the halls of the Palace alone, his sanctum of stone and onyx, built on blood and bone, if it could talk, even the Archon would beg for deafness. Though he could not hear the whispers of the ages, tales of lives lost, and deaths of agony no-one should ever feel, they remain cloistered in the dungeons and echo around staircases of twisted rock. So much to say and no ears willing to hear, no soul willing to feel the torment that lies within. Tenebris was no different yet the thought often mused and crossed his mind in his solitary contemplations. The past by many is considered a forbidden land and its people's trials are over. In future times, when gravity has mastered this place, humbled it to no more than pebble and crumb, all will be in that hour-glass that is now, yet the Archon ever persisted to pry into the past and preserve the knowledge and lessons of those who came before him. It was this train of thought that led the Archon unconsciously in will somber walk to the hall where he gifted apartments to Shira. The Archon felt a wave of relief washed over him as he approached Shira's room in the preparation to converse with her, although the mightily black Dragon couldn't exactly explain why merely convincing himself that while he found himself in this part of the Palace he'd check up on her progress.

Many within the Nightwing Domain saw the Archon as flawless, having to constantly maintain the austere formalities of court and the machinations of well-polished stature to inspire such confidence, but in the singer and her goal, Tenebris sound warmth, and a simplicity which reminded him of his days of old as a Scholar, to appreciate the beauty of the past and allow others to experience such. As such Tenebris found there was an openness he could maintain with the Dragoness Shira, as she was so devoted to her goal when they conversed Tenebris forgot all about the intrigues of his position and the daunting fears not being enough of a leader, of failing in sacred duty, of his purpose unfulfilled, weighty as it was. To this end, the Archon gave a firm knock upon the door before allowing himself inside of Shira's chambers, his head bowed low in a humble fashion of respect. "Why, hello there Shira, I thought I'd pay a visit to see how your progress has been coming along, tell me, what are your findings thus far?"

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The Duet (Tenebris) Empty Re: The Duet (Tenebris)

Post by Shira Mon Sep 21, 2020 11:23 am

Shira continued to hum to herself in a quiet fashion as she curled her tail around her haunches, a slight chill rolling over her scales as the coolness of the room finally began to sink into her thick skin. Inhaling deeply, she turned her eyes over to the hearth once more and stared idly into it once more. The dancing flames were mesmerizing, the fade in color from a deep orange to a white at the tip, licking at the cool air in a hungry fashion. Her mind soon began to wander, running a claw along the wood of the table she sat at, her blinking slow and breathing even yet deep.

The knock at her door brought her back to reality, blinking quickly before looking toward to door to see a rather welcome distraction. A smile moved along her lips before moving to stand and bow her head in return, her tail slowly swaying behind her. She hadn't seen the Archon in days, knowing he was busy with the responsibilities that come with his title and she didn't dare bother him. The dragoness couldn't help the flutter within her abdomen at the sight of her leader paying her a visit, a mixture of nerves and something else she wasn't daring to explore,

"Hello to you, Tenebris." She responded in greeting, her smile growing as she lifted her head to meet his gaze.

His question pulled a deep sigh from her as she looked toward the separate piles of works on the table across the room, frowning softly,

"I have translated a few things, though it is of little political importance. Simple notes, a ledger on trades, a letter to a beloved wife." She began, motioning for him to follow as she made her way to the table, sitting promptly and unrolling the encrypted scroll that had caused her so much grief, "But this. I can't make anything of it. It's all encrypted in some kind of code and unless I can either find something that can help me, like a key, then I'm afraid this one and the three others will remain a mystery until the end of time."

Shira kept her eyes on the material for a moment before turning her head up to look at Tenebris, a frown upon her lips with eyes laden with near sadness at potential failure, "You and I both know that something of this caliber in coding is truly of significant importance. It is either hiding something that would have had the writer killed or it is full of secret messages of high regard to the courts of old."
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The Duet (Tenebris) Empty Re: The Duet (Tenebris)

Post by Tenebris Mon Nov 30, 2020 11:22 am

Tenebris maneuvered his slender shaped body, serpentine like and fluid in his movements, he followed Shira in silence taking account of her words. His mind immediately began racing over the known ciphers he was familiar with, even before he came before the encrypted scrolled what was laid out before him. He gave a nod of acknowledgment and thought as he craned his neck forward, his eerie sapphire shrewd glare narrowing as he examined the scripture with interest. He released an indulgent soft growl from his throat as he inspected the scroll. Shira was right when it came to the Document, it was one thing translating the tongues of the past but finding such a scripture in code was even more intriguing.

Most written words invite a conversation with one's thoughts, one unspoken and kind, for one can always walk away from the words of what is written if one chooses, and return when ready. In a way, they are the legacy of their author's thoughts, preserving ideas that would otherwise be as fleeting as the song of a bird. Yet with code, it was a mystery, the rare occasion when that which is written is to be kept secret and private. The intimacy of the cipher only to be shared with those of prior such knowledge, a knowledge which the Archon instantly now lusted over.

Tenebris looked up from his musings, as he turned his attention from the scroll to Shira, he raised his ink-stained talons on his right forepaw as he ran a thoughtful claw over his maw as he seemed to ponder the conundrum. "Now, this is certainly intriguing. We have a number of known ciphers which we have utilised over the years, some which are still used now by members of the Inquisition", Tenebris spoke softly as he seemed to think on his own words as he inclined his head to look once more upon the scroll. "Perhaps, such a document using this script has been deciphered before in our Archives. I will have my Steward check for such. Usually, though it is just a matter of comprehending the pattern. Do you have any thoughts on it thus far?"

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