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The Liber Perpetuity Mortis (Necromancy Lore, still in progress) Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

The Liber Perpetuity Mortis (Necromancy Lore, still in progress) Dragon10
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The Liber Perpetuity Mortis (Necromancy Lore, still in progress) Vote_lcapThe Liber Perpetuity Mortis (Necromancy Lore, still in progress) Voting_barThe Liber Perpetuity Mortis (Necromancy Lore, still in progress) Vote_rcap 

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The Liber Perpetuity Mortis (Necromancy Lore, still in progress)

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The Liber Perpetuity Mortis (Necromancy Lore, still in progress) Empty The Liber Perpetuity Mortis (Necromancy Lore, still in progress)

Post by Tenebris Mon Jan 04, 2021 8:49 am

Liber Perpetuity Mortis

The Liber Perpetuity Mortis (Necromancy Lore, still in progress) Necrom10

[It should be noted, this piece is more lore related than anything, for the time being, the magic spells and what have you here cannot be bought until the magic revamp for the site is done by Astral, and to this end the very spells here might need to be adapted at any rate]

Whomever you may be, know that what you now hold in your hands is the Liber Perpetuity Mortis, the foul tome of the Undead, the book of the Damned, grimoire of decay. Written by the esteemed exalted one, Archon Tenebris of the Nightwing Potentate. This tome is the most comprehensive repository of knowledge of Undeath and Necromancy ever produced. Your mind may be enlightened to the truth and the greater purpose of these Magics or be repulsed under the false facade of heresy.

I have supped from the darkest of chalices and read from the most poisoned of texts. The pale tangents of life and the shadowy geometries of death now hold little secrets from me. For I have traveled their paths and my soul has measured their terrible symmetries. Just as the regal blood of monarchs and rulers past burns in my veins, so does what many would claim tyrants and demons. Indeed, this is the legacy of the Nightwings and all Dragons, for in my long existence I have been regarded as all these things and more.

No other life can be as fulfilled and true as the life of one who follows my path. Tis’ those who delve into the depths and understanding of what separates life and death to manipulate it to one’s will that makes us so deserving of all the treasures this world may offer us. The naive and simple fear and abhor for what they look upon as unnatural, yet it is the universal truth that the foolish fear what they cannot understand and grow to hate those things that they fear, and with this, I am content as will any other be who has transcended logically past the restrictions of the natural order. It is only correct that the thin souls of the inept and shortsighted hate my name, fear what I desire, and stand in ignorance of my true nature and the nature of all those of kindred mind and kind.

Yet I tire of the fictions and myths of the naive idiotic minds of those who would brandish such a craft as heresy or malicious. Necromancy is surrounded in mythology and speculation, tis’ a science of logic. The system of logic may be within the realm of shadows, a world of simple essentialities, what is freed of all sensuous concreting. To study this art and science, to dwell and to labour in this realm of shadows, is the absolute culture and discipline of consciousness. Tis’ for this reason here I commit to velum all of my studies and revelations concerning the growth and understanding of those arts. Within these pages lies the secrets of true transcendence through the mastery of death and the redemption from the mindless dominion of the ignorant.

Within these pages, the future can be read if only, my unknown reader, you have the eyes to see it. For these are the revelations, discoveries, and musings of Archon Tenebris, Lord Protector of the Isles of Aeterna Dominus, Grand Vizier of the Twilight Imperium, Father of the moon and stars, the Uniter,  the Imperishable, the Dreamweaver, Commander and Chief of the Eclipse Guard, Scared of appearance, Bringer of Night, Father of the Tribe, Protector of the Vassals, Chosen of the Gods, Keeper of the Hours, Scourge of the Faithless, High Steward of the Drakon Region, Killer of Kings, He who holds the scepter, the Great, Eternal Sovereign, Grand Scholar of the Imperium, Monarch of the Swamp of Sorrows, Master of the Dreaded Wastes, Breaker of Leostonnia, Curse of Heretics, The Ethereal, Saviour of the Displaced, the Last Regent of the Nightwing Empire, Speaker of the Tribe, Duke of Shadow’s Refuge, Senechal of Saeclum, Dark Lord, He of the Dream, the Black King, the Generous, Governor of Tremendae, Tyrant of the foolish, Eternal Warden, Nightmare Lord, Keeper of the Archives, Grand Master of the Magisterium, the Uncrowned, Scourge of Monsters, the Warden of the Shadows, High guardian of the Dusk. Herald of the New Age.

The truth of our art finds its roots many years ago, before the coming of the monster Scourge and the founding of the glorious Twilight Imperium, in the worship of the gods. Only those of followers of faith could speak with authority of the practices within the priesthood and rituals of worship when it comes to the Gods, yet in the days of old such practices were plenty. There is an amusing irony in this tale as the truth of the initial power of Necromancy comes from the priesthood of Nimbus, the God of the Dead, and the mate of Astral. For those who have forgotten the mighty god, it was his duty to protect and watch over the souls of our departed. It was from the rituals of Nimbus’s priesthood, that they would preserve the body and guide the soul to the realm of the God of Death. This cult would delve and utilise the magic and blessings gifted by their god to have a familiarity and at the time the greatest understanding in the transition from life to death. Once the God departed into isolation and his influence was lacking in the known world, with my transition into the position of Archon, as a patron of the priesthood of the Nightwings I would personally give my patronage to these fledgling priests adding their knowledge to those of the Scholarly Archives of the Nightwings.

In time with the lack of worship and renown for Nimbus and his priests, their properties and holdings were claimed directly by myself for their preservation and protection. To this end, many of their internal workings were now released into the care of the royal Apothecary society of the Potentate. Research and experiments could now commence to enhance and progress the understanding and power of the rituals in the art of delving into the intricacies of death. The short-sighted would call the ambitious devoid of empathy or claim that we committed sacrilege when in truth it was only the next logical step to use the dark arts and prowess of our magics in manipulating and weaving the rituals of the priests to enhance control over the souls of the parted. The nature of finite things as such is to have the seed of passing away as their essential being, the hour of their birth is the hour of their death and vice versa. It is in this science, using magic and a will without falter that I brought about the violation of the order of natural death and slumber, and the profoundest violations are always the least concrete and describable as the oldest and strongest emotion within any mortal race is that of fear, and the oldest and strongest of fear is the fear of the unknown to which we have conquered. Through the autopsies of the fallen, the pieces of knowledge gained through years of expanding our understanding of magic as well as the alchemical breakthroughs through pioneers such as Chogath of the Earthwings, we can now tap into the realm of Nimbus to utilise his former prowess by contorting and twisting the blessings of old to our own will power. Submitting the avenues and realm of the dead to your mastery of will and prowess.


Levels of proficiency

  • Novice

  • Advocate

  • Skilled

  • Intermediate

  • Proficient

  • Senior

  • Master

[Novice spells individually cost 100 DP for your character to use, Advocate 200 DP, and so on advancing in 100 intervals]

Dolorous bell - Novice
Extending a finger at one creature within a range of sixty feet, the sound of a disembodied bell from the realm of the dead will sound which awakens the sense of mortality within the creature. The target will be brought images and manifestations of their demise and briefly witness the fields of the fallen and be overcome with fear and anxiety.

-A creature will ride into battle without thoughts of its own mortality. It will strike at you with the intent of winning and sending you to death's door. This creature is determined to survive the entanglement of combat. Prove the creature’s fallacy of immortality by filling it with self-doubting fear. Let it know that there is a chance of death, that it could fall helplessly to the ground bleeding out under the talons of its adversary. Allow the spirits from below to cloud your foes mind with horror, by inflicting upon it a sense of self-preservation through flight from the fight at hand-

False Life - Novice
Should you feel the grasp of death looming, wounded and at the course of defeat. You may cast this spell to suspend your soul from leaving your body, allowing you to preserve your life for a maximum of three hours until your wounds can be healed. This facade of dancing with death will essentially cease your heartbeat for the duration to conserve blood loss.

-Let not your enemies witness your suffering. One may have been wounded in battle, but one may also bolster the flesh with imbued strength, granted by the brethren in the realms below. I have felt my veins carry the force provided from the ancient ones in conflict and prevailed, my foes felt my fangs upon their necks. Their eyes awe stuck in shocked defeat. The souls of the defeated fed those that had nourished and sustained my body-

Gentle Repose - Novice
From the priests of old what followed Nimbus and preserved the corpses of the fallen. You touch a corpse or other remains and call upon the defiance of nature. The duration lasts ten days where the body will be protected from decay and in the meantime is unable to have other necromantic magic effect it.

Ray of enfeeblement - Noice
A black ray of enervating energy springs from your talons towards a creature within a range of sixty feet. The foe would be overcome with an overwhelming sense of fatigue and tire from any effort, weakening their strength and sapping upon the enemy.

Animate Dead Humanoid - Advocate
To create an undead servant, choose a pile of bones or a corpse of a fallen Humanoid. Humans have weaker souls and willpower than that of a Dragon and thus do not require the extensive prowess to raise and wield. This spell imbues your target with a foul mimicry of life, raising it as an undead creature to serve your whims until it is cast aside or destroyed.

Curse of the Ancients - Advocate
Upon touching your foe, you twist and contort its nature, the Dragon or creature's inbase special ability is nullified for a period of twenty-four hours. Unable to utilise their individual special ability.

-Place your mark within the opposing creature's mind. Make it weak from within. It can not touch or feel the mark that permeates its flesh, and so you must attack vehemently in its time of distress. Let the beast’s blood pool around its feet, and eventually, it will fall to yours.-
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