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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

The moon beckons you...a little forcefully [Tribe Leaders] Dragon10
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The moon beckons you...a little forcefully [Tribe Leaders] Empty The moon beckons you...a little forcefully [Tribe Leaders]

Post by Astral Sat Jan 07, 2023 10:45 am

"Now where to host it?" Astral asked herself. She thought about her temples but she didn't want anyone interrupting them and she didn't want to deny entrance while it was in use. The goddess stared up at the now two moons that hung in the sky. The darker one was a promise she'd never allow that kind of invasion again so she should probably host it there. Astral closed her eyes and projected herself into the dark of the moons and created an underground cave. The conference room had a large polished marble looking table and around it were replica thrones of each of the Tribes. Providing light above the table was a miniature dim sun.

That seemed good enough for Astral and without delay she summoned all of the Tribe Kings and Queens except the Lightwings. A beam of white light would descend upon each of them in a deliberate and precise cylindrical shape. This was going to be her new way of giving people some warning before she abducted them.

"Tenebris of the Nightwings. Kenina of the Firewings. Baldirak of the Earthwings. Attor of the Skywings. Aari of the Seawings. Snowblaze of the Icewings. I have summoned you all here today to discuss the topic of the semigods I shall be granting to all your tribes specifically the magical rules that will govern them and their succession. In the past when they passed their powers would transfer to a random newborn dragon within the tribe and there were no balances in place should they go rouge or turn on their King or Queen. I would like your input on how you'd like it handled." Astral said.

"Um excuse me!" Aari held up a paw. She was still a bit dazed from one moment guarding her little human owner to now being who knows where speaking on behalf of the Seawings! "A mistake must have been made I am not queen of the Seawings and don't think I belong here."

"You're the princess of the Seawings are you not?" Astral asked. "I am but...." Aari tried to say before Astral cut her off. "And is anyone else in your family still alive like King Arkhor." "I don't think so." Aari said meekly and sadly. "They aren't that makes you Seawing Queen and the Seawings haven't substituted anyone else in that position in your absence." Aari lowered herself into the unsettling feeling throne and stopped talking. This was too much to process.

"Back to the topic of Semigods" Astral said.
Goddess of the Moon and Stars
Goddess of the Moon and Stars

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The moon beckons you...a little forcefully [Tribe Leaders] Empty Re: The moon beckons you...a little forcefully [Tribe Leaders]

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco Sat Jan 07, 2023 12:33 pm

The Twilight King was resting, as per the orders of his mate. Of course, he could only do so much resting with the news of his impending fatherhood. And there was the process of rebuilding after the monsters. So, Baldirak's current rest took the form of pacing his private quarters; he had already paced the other four rooms of the cave twice. He was considering everything he needed to do and how best to go about them, when suddenly, he felt a light vibration against his chest. Ceasing his pacing, the EarthWing looked down at the Astralogy talisman and white Moonstone around his neck. The Moonstone was fine, but the Astralogy talisman, which was made from a lunar rock, was vibrating and glowing. Baldirak looked up toward the ceiling then, expectantly. He seemed surprised yet not as the cylindrical beam of white light surrounded him. In an instant, his home was replaced by a conference room, in what he could only guess was the new moon. His gaze fell first on the grand table, then the replica of his own throne. Next, he found his Queen, and one by one, the other Tribe leaders. It didn't escape his notice that the LightWing leader was absent. Finally, his gaze settled on Astral.

The Twilight King allowed the Goddess and the reluctant SeaWing Queen to have their words, but after, he stood from his throne. Slowly, he made his way around the table to where the Goddess sat. Baldirak lowered himself into the deepest bow he could achieve and would hold until Astral released him, not a moment before. Nor would he accept her waiving him of such a formality, not when her act had saved his life. "I am a child of the Earth, but I revere no stone as strongly as the Moon, my Goddess." Once he was dismissed, Baldirak broke out of his bow and returned to his throne. Once he sat, his tone and demeanor seemed to change. He placed his right forepaw on the table. A soft hiss left his maw when he began speaking. "I'm not entirely sure if I'd be able to see if someone were going to go rogue. But I definitely wouldn't be able to see a betrayal, even if I were the one being betrayed. So, measures against that would be paramount to keeping the tribe safe."
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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The moon beckons you...a little forcefully [Tribe Leaders] Empty Re: The moon beckons you...a little forcefully [Tribe Leaders]

Post by Snowblaze Sat Jan 07, 2023 7:30 pm

Snowblaze grumbled a bit walking across an ice field. Well there were no monsters now, but now it was back to the usually. Trying to get other dragons to do things, and getting stuff like food to hopefully rebuild something comparable to a tribe again. She shook a bit, the cold managing to nip her a bit before a light flared all around her. What was....

She looked and saw other dragons there, then heard someone speak up. She looked to see Astral, glaring a bit as the emotional side of her brain took over. All the tribe leaders were here.... At least most. The youngest then spoke up, confused as to.... Wait Astral said she was the ruler of the Seawing!? Where had they been!? Then there was Baldirak, who had enough reputation to know. Tenebris, who got a very clear glare, and Kenina, the Firewing Queen. And there was the Attor, the Skywing leader. All they were missing was the Lightwings.

The poor confused princess, come to find out, spoke up, not thinking she belonged there. Join the club. Then Baldirak with some nice word, but honestly, even as her mind went more logical Snowblaze couldn't hold back her annoyance.

"With all do respect, Astral, but I have to agree with the kid on not feeling like I belong at this meeting. My tribe is already still more like a bunch of rogues, and I am not fully sure that's entirely a bad thing. I do not know what kind of help I could even bring to this." She looked at the others, waiting to hear their responses and reactions.
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IceWing Guardian

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The moon beckons you...a little forcefully [Tribe Leaders] Empty Re: The moon beckons you...a little forcefully [Tribe Leaders]

Post by Attor Fri Jan 13, 2023 6:12 pm

It was a fine day at the den of one Skyking Attor, the Venomous Monarch as he was known, was feared name to many until they met the drake in flesh. The name was enough to make groups of rogues and raiders uncomfortable with thoughts of being assassinated, slowly paralyzed from the head down and killed in succession either a horrendous pain or a swift fell of a bladed stinger. Not many of the outskirts or in the far lands knew of what he looked like either, tales of an insect-like beast of miraculous speed and deadly force spread like wildfire as operations were sparse in those areas. Stories of the dragon killing generals of united brigands hunted and slaughtered by thus one individual. And indeed the stories were true.

But those who knew Skyking Attor also had… Other ideas of the dragon were really like. In truth his subordinates weren't under some oppression as many had thought but instead they had loose but very, very simple laws. And he was more the leader than some King or Monarch, titles that he possessed when he displayed strength to theater masses. But even though he detested such names, many of his settlement and outside it referred to him as such. Such a pain. The settlement he helped establish through team effort of the survivors was really coming along, a large outpost outside, leading to tunnel openings and into the much larger start of a new kingdom. The truth of it was that the mountain was still being carved from the inside, but dens and nests, rooms and halls and great halls were amassed and designed slowly.

In his own den however was Attor, carefully replanting some extremely dangerous flora, he had carved atop the ceiling of his den a straightway upward tunnel that allowed rain and sunlight to pass through. Ample enough to keep the new plants alive in their constructed beds, built of mainly wood and stone. Sighing after he finished, Attor writes in his journal about his several day trekk unto the old LightWing Jungles and what all he gathered and witnessed. Truly a remarkable yet dangerous place, beautiful overall, but even with his tough plating he could get through to the densest parts. Shame really, who knows what he could have found?

Just as Attor was finished up he heard a very unfamiliar voice in his head. Or above? Who in the devil was summoning him, did the Skyking accidentally ingest something? One moment he knew he was almost drifting off into a white light, then he found himself in a beautifully carved room. Amongst the company he realized there was Tenebris of Dark and Baldirak of Earth, but everyone else… That was a mystery. As jevwas ready to ask where the hell he was, Attor was cut off by reasonable questions. Semigods? He didn't even have a Demigod, who was the black dragoness that Baldirak referred to as- Oh, wait, she actually existed?!

Just as things were moving along Attor quickly spoke up, confused mostly but aggravated nonetheless, "Let's fold our wings for a moment. Out of all of the things we could discuss we're more concerned with near-gods when we should be asking where exactly our full-gods are, or should I say went? We of the Eastern Lands have seen no gods let alone anyone exhibiting such power, yet here you are," Attor addressed Astral, unafraid of any consequences, "Nonchalant in all your glory, when your worshippers needed assistance. And before any of you interject, I have had no contact from the divines, my people no assistance from anyone but mortals."
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SkyWing King

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The moon beckons you...a little forcefully [Tribe Leaders] Empty Re: The moon beckons you...a little forcefully [Tribe Leaders]

Post by Tenebris Wed Jan 18, 2023 12:19 pm

Tenebris was caught in a frenzy, almost caught in a daze from the chaos that had erupted around him. The tempo and throng of fanatic mumbling and hushed voices seemed distant, even as he stood in the center of his council chamber. The Archon had for years patiently cultivated control and order to his court within the Palace, one which in many respects had become fundamentally part of Nightwing life. Yet since Astrals declaration to all those of the tribe, and what was later discovered another message to the Humans of the world. It was due to this that there was a strange phenomenon that had taken hold of the Nightwing's lands, Slaves, even those who had been raised into servitude now rose up or had faltered in their duties. Now as the Archons courtly retinue and family hammered him from all sides with questions and demanding orders, while giving reports of uprisings and anarchy across the Isles Tenebris could barely maintain his thoughts as a creeping weariness and silent sorrow was slipping into his mind. At least one entire mining quarry was fully in the hands of revolting Slaves.

For the first time in an age, the Archon had to hold back genuine panic. There was a discomfort in his chest, a feeling in his brain like an excess of adrenaline yet he remained motionless as such a feeling only sets deeper. Tenebris felt the urge to run, escape, hide, if only for a moment to allow him to collect his own thoughts. He knew this could be dealt with, to be spun to some advantage but at this moment he couldn't even ponder his next moves. His thoughts only ever went back to that moment he discovered that Astral had granted such a boon to the Humans, the moment his personal servant dropped before him weeping tears of joy and hope before then stating aloud what the Archon's adopted daughter had done. Anxiety would build in the Archon as his tail thrashed from side to side in frustration, he need a moment to collect himself, yet there was a plague of voices. Such made him snarl and bare his teeth to those closest to him, those he could only perceive as a blur around him due to the flurry of excitement which seemed like a warped tainted dance.

It was at this moment as Tenebris struggled to contain his flux of difficult emotions that a great white beam engulfed him. The Archon closed his eyes and released a deep tiresome resigned sigh as the panicked voices around him grew, welcoming whatever escape this white light would provide. When Tenebris opened his eerie sapphire gaze once more, he was surprised at the sight before him. There across a large marble table upon replica thrones of each of their respective tribes sat all the figureheads of each tribe across Pyyria. The baffled expression of Tenebris was clear as he blinked repeatedly in shock, clearly still coming down from the torrent of emotions he had rushing through him back at his Palace. Only then did he turn to face Astral herself as her voice echoed through the chamber calling all the tribe's leaders to her attention. Tenebris lowered himself comfortably upon the oily black ebon stone throne which was identical to his own as he listened intently.

It would be clear to any who looked upon Tenebris that his appearance would be drastically different from his usual visage. Instead of his usual ceremonial attire there was no such hedonistic garb, a much more austere appearance as he donned not even a single ring or bangle. His solemn appearance was matched in his very hide, unprepared as he was, his usual illusions which reinvigorated his appearance and revitalised him were not cast, his body why once toned and muscled was withered and slender from the years of an indulgent and sedentary lifestyle and thus the disfiguring scars upon the right side of his maw and eye were clearly visible, as well as the ones across his underbelly and forearms. Even his obsidian hide would appear duller, and his right eye would almost be a misty grey rather than the usual vibrant sapphire. His expression was also one which was faltering, it was tired and weary as he allowed all pretense of regal posture to falter as he sank into his throne, almost curling up upon it like a hatchling in a nest despite his head ever fixated upon Astral. It was clear, especially for the nocturnal Nightwing, Tenebris had not slept in some time.

The Archon turned his attention to each speaker, while amusing himself as the tip of his tongue, a dark and grey thing twitching between his upper and lower jaw, ran along the edges of his almost uncharacteristic white fangs. As the rest spoke, even despite knowing Astral's ability to read minds even from the days when she was Celestia, Tenebris couldn't manage to hide and blur his internal thoughts as usual. He thought in dismay even as the others spoke to the God, how she had so thoroughly in many ways uplisted Humanity by granting them a Semigod. Even now as they debated the fact each Tribe would be being gifted Semigods of their own as a boon he was repulsed at the fact the Humans now rivaled them in such regard. Perhaps overthinking, the Archon then pondered regarding Astral's Human lover, he knew of him and even tried to reach out to him but now he had possible intrigues and machinations, just how cunning was this Human? At that moment as Tenebris was dulled to the words spoken around him he noticed that Kenina was present also. He had to stifle an immediate harsh laugh as he noticed her at Baldirak's hide before only giving a crooked grin, which contorted more into a wolfish sadistic sneer due to the mutilated scars upon the right side of his features.

As his snide grin subsided he returned his attention to Astral and narrow his gaze. "Indeed let us bring the topic back to Semigods, yes? Now given my unique station as the protector of many lesser races as my vassals. I would be remiss if I didn't inquire that everyone else within this room knew what I only recently discovered", Tenebris spoke in a calm calculated manner, his words reserved and smooth speaking as if in a matter-of-factly arrogant gesture. Even as beneath the surface he still struggled with emotions, rage, betrayal, and sorrow, he turned to face each of those standing around the table, the only betraying manner of his inner thoughts being his right eye twitching. "Tis' with some trepidation that I feel as though it falls to me to declare. My beloved Daughter, in what gesture I'm sure she will explain herself with, has granted the Human species a Semigod of their own. A Human Saviour"
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