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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

The Sunset's Shadow Dragon10
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The Sunset's Shadow

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The Sunset's Shadow Empty The Sunset's Shadow

Post by Attor Sun May 07, 2023 11:53 pm

A glorious day it was in the far Western Continent, Lishou, where life is more thriving than ever before. The mountains and jungles, the lush fields of flowers and beautifully petaled trees, the thousands of rivers and waterfalls all aided in the divine beauty of the ornate land and none was as majestic as the Lishou Continent. Further and higher into the Northern mountains were a massive set of structures, stone and primarily wood reinforced by massive Arch Trees of the region; an area live with Dragons. Specifically the Sky-Wing faction known as the Order of Starlights. While not secretive in nature, these people as a whole have dedicated themselves to preserve the old world while embracing the new, the joint co-op of Light abd Sky Dragons allowed for the success of the Order itself, rightfully watched and ruled over by one King Attor.

And today was indeed a glorious day, from tending to the plateaus that acted as farms to the upkeep in hunting amd constant construction, the Twilight Imperium's Earth Dragons have also aided as a called favour from Attor to help with creating mine and quarry for precious material. The mighty mountains would soon be at the mercy of the Starlights no less. Tending to the newest flowering chi herbs, at least a restoration of a variant, Attor let the dried leaves fired from a stone oven settle in a mug of hot water. In recent years, chi was long thought to have been destroyed in the old ruins of the Western Tribes along with other herbs, however rediscovery of chi and especially rice had been very crucial to sustainability of trade. Of course, the introduction of sushi was also a recent discovery, but that was another time to discuss later.

Attor had spent the day making sure certain runes and treatments were in place to further enhance the chi plants he had in his den. Using soft limits of magic never hurt anything, however he had to be careful as said magic could potentially make a dragon addicted to its taste... Not that chi alone wasn't addictive as it was. A little cane juice to sweeten it also went a long way as well as honey and perhaps mixed flowers too. After a brisk search of any imperfection, the Sky King sighed in relief and activated the runes in hopes of getting different results... Hopefully it wouldn't tarnish them either. Finally exiting his abode, Attor looked to the setting sun then down to the lower portions of the settlement below which extended to a larger plateau which had a variety of buildings used as dwellings or some form workshop and thereof.

Just as he starts to step away from the cave entrance, Attor was refocused on an approaching dragon. A small thing really, one of the messengers no doubt, he nodded and watched the little drake land. The individual seemed to be panicked and out if breath to which they start to talk, "N- NightWings! NightWings crossed our border!"

Curious but still nonetheless worried, Attor asked, "Can you describe any of them? Even one?"

"One's in some sort of jewelry, large fellow, flanked by a few others."

With a hum then a quick thought,  the general idea clicked for Attor as to who this stranger was. There was only one dragon he had met who was grotesquely drabbed in rings and such: Tenebris. The Archon was an interesting individual nonetheless despite his odd but well kempt behavior, or perhaps it was Baldirak who wanted to show off a fashion statement, but whatever the case the Sky King did not panic nor shy away. Primarily it was due to the fact that he had completely forgotten this to be a due meeting, in that little summit at the Imperiums Shadow's Refuge did Attor and Tenebris decide to visit each others territory for ideas of trade and further projects. Baldirak was very much avoiding Attor as the Western Ruler had thoroughly cussed out the false prophet Astral directly after the summit. That was another tale for another day.

"How did I forget that was today...? Ichirai! I need you,  on the double!" Attor almost shouts as he flies off quickly to a much older dragon, and from there, preparations would begin... And hopefully not be completely dismaying for the Archon and guests.
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The Sunset's Shadow Empty Re: The Sunset's Shadow

Post by Tenebris Wed May 31, 2023 1:19 pm

Tenebris and his retinue flew at a leisurely pace as they crossed the high above the ocean below them. There was four Nightwings in total, the Archon himself, his Steward Syrus then his two personal Inquisitors, Seth and Hastur. Yet the delegation was made up of six, for two Manticores flew determinedly at the rear, seemingly exhausted not used to such long airborne flights. The two Manticores, name Astur and Nameria, were a mated pair and also the sworn personal servants of the Archon, who had insisted that they were to join and accompany their master on his expedition.

Above the ocean, Tenebris mused, looking down at the sea below, he was lost in though, admiring how it seemed to be alive, the Ocean breathed, her surface rising and falling with rhythmic ease. The waves her pulse, and the echo of the souls she kept safe in her cradle of brine. Only then was his thoughts broken by Syrus "Your Grace... Is this wise to so openly fly to their borders, shouldn't there have been more precautions. We don't exactly have an armed escort or promises of security. And in broad daylight no less". At first Tenebris maintained a facade that he didn't hear the Steward over the winds and flight as he continued to head towards the coastline. Until, Syrus repeated again word for word and with a sigh under his breath Tenebris replied "Tis' a show of confidence my dear Seneschal. I would not skulk into the lads of one I hope to have an amicable relationship with. Thus, we enter in confidence, brazen and alive".

So it was that the retinue approached closer to the coast. With a slow decent there was no further words of protest from the Seneschal. The servants of course did not match the grace and elegance of the Nightwings, but with a slight look over his shoulder as they approached the banks, Tenebris at least was content that that didn't disgrace themselves. Landing softly, the Archon was content with the Soft sky above, his talons upon smooth stones and clouds caressed with reflected light. Lacy waves in steady rhythm echoed behind him. A breeze brings a long awaited relief to the Archons bones. All whilst birds arc above, playful upon swirling updrafts, which the Manticores eyed hungrily. There then basking in the warm sands as he slowly lowers himself did Tenebris await his greeting. He knew fine well that the stark contrast of the Nightwings against the blue of the sky would of been easily spotted by any scout, thus it was only a matter of waiting. The Archon was adorned per usual with his various silver and gold rings, bracelets and other such finery, which he seemed to entertain himself with as he fiddled in an idle fashion with a gold right upon the index claw of his right forepaw. Meanwhile the Inquisitors rose to the air, circling accordingly to establish a perimeter and to also act as a beacon of sorts.

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The Sunset's Shadow Empty Re: The Sunset's Shadow

Post by Attor Fri Jun 02, 2023 2:54 pm

And the Archon and his company of others would wait for minutes. It was unlike Attor to be late, even fashionably at that, however his moment of obliviousness had struck him hard this time. After a short time there was a small flock of Sky Dragons who made their way toward the the group of Night kin, the pattern they took was organized however at the forefront of the five SkyWings was a NightWing of all things. Sleek in appearance yet carrying the bulky muscle of a brawler, the great dragon had landed gracefully before the Archon and his company, bowing as they did, the other dragons remained in the air but also gave deep bows of their heads out of respect. The flying drakes were a mixture of traditional dragons, Kirin, and Wyverns who seemed mature, their bodies littered with scars and markings showing years of conflict without having to speak.

"Archon of the Nightwing Potentate, Lord Protector of the Isle of Aeterna Dominus, Grand Vizier of the Twilight Imperium, I, on Sky King Attor Fellsting's behalf welcome you to the Lishou Region of the Order of Starlights. We are graced to have you visit on such a fine day," The Night Dragon said in a deep, feminine tone. The dragoness donned ebony armor with the Starlight Order's insignia on the left side of the breast plate and the old NightWing insignia of the former Oculus' rule on the right side, however through the latter that was a noticeable slash through it that seemed intentional. When she finally rose from her bow the female easily towered over the Archon, her gentle gaze matching his, "I am Sceadu, leader of the organized forces that defend Laeshouta, my team and I will be escorting you to your destination. If you would please follow me."

Spanning her wings, Sceadu flew into the air with one swoop, her wings littered with scars and old tears along the membrane, and yet even despite that they complimented her size and appearance. Overall, she was the only armored individual amongst the the six dragons, complete with bladed and spiked protective gear that was carefully designed to look like black thorn vines surrounding her limbs, the armor itself was clearly used in some capacity as even pieces of it were missing such as small blades, thorns, and chips in the armor. As the group took to the sky, the other Sky Dragons had flanked all other five sides of the convoy whilst the lead female had taken front. It was quite unorthodox to see a different dragon of a different race in the Lishou Region, especially a Nightwing all things considered, however there must have been reasons for this happening, but whatever the case if Tenebris' personal guards were not enough then surely the new escorts were.

" It has been decades since any Nightwing royalty has been heard of coming toward Lishou, a that time, the Sky King was ready to go to war given a variety of trespasses, I wish you had been here when Lord Attor had personally rooted out the Shamed One's forces. The entire military had to be rebuilt after a long period of peace was interrupted," Sceadu had stated to Archon, then looked to her left, "The floating islands provides the best spots for gatherings usually, however my liege had ordered me to bring you to Laeshouta, the main settlement of the Order of Starlights."
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