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Melody of Crystal Scales Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Melody of Crystal Scales Dragon10
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Melody of Crystal Scales

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Melody of Crystal Scales Empty Melody of Crystal Scales

Post by SolsticeEquinox Wed Jun 11, 2014 2:42 pm

Personal Info
Name: Melody
Nickname: Mel, Dee Dee
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Personality: Melody is quite a shy dragoness. With the few she trusts, she can act quite loud. She usually tends to be optimistic, despite whatever the situation may be. She is quite easily frightened, an easy person to make cry at times. Very rarely does she argue, and when she does, it is for what she strongly believes. Though she seems quiet and easy to control, you don't want to get on her bad side. Melody is a very terrifying dragon when angered, especially if you mess with her friends. She is quite caring and kind, loving to help out those who need it.
Interests: Melody enjoys hanging around her friends, and at times is a life of the party with them. As well as that, she loves to save animals, mainly because she eats gemstones. She loves spending time among the caves, usually looking for a snack or a place to take a nice nap.
Dislikes: Melody dislikes it whenever someone kills or eats an animal, due to her love for them. She doesn't care much for meat, either. She hates it when dragons fight, especially when it concerns her friends. At most times, she doesn't care for being around most of those she has no trust for.
Fears: This dragoness has a fear of most dragons, especially tall onrs. She is extremely afraid of fire, as it can easily melt her.

General Appearance
Height: 8 ft.
Scales: Melody's scales are a flattened and smoothed grey-blue colour. As well as that, they're slightly transparent.
Eyes: Dark blue; they look like gemstones.
Appearance: Melody is a slightly transparent blue-grey dragoness. Of course, she appears rather like a solid ice block. Her eyes are much like dark blue gemstones. Despite the crystal like appearance, she has rather large wings tucked at her side. Her claws are much like a cat's, retractable. She is about eight feet tall, length being ten feet. She has a lean body, perfect for speed.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Melody is a rogue, however, she may join a tribe.
Rank: Rogue for now.
Family: They are unknown.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Melody is rather strong when flying or in a cave. Usually, mountains and colder regions are her advantage.
Special Abilities:  Melody is able to summon sharp crystals to fight with. She is also able to see through the dark. She is also able to trap herself in a protective crystal orb, having an aura of a sort of dusted floating gemstones. She has a few undiscovered powers.
Weaknesses: Melody's weaknesses include fire, sharp weathering air and hot climates. She is also quite scared of taller dragons, which tend to put her in shock.
Combat Style: When Melody does fight, she tends to use attacks she is able to use from a farther distance. She also likes to use aerial attacks, such as dive bombing, slashing and then gliding up.

History: Melody is believed to have formed and appeared from a pile of crystals, one of the crystals casting magic over the others that created the dragoness. She spent most of her life in that cave, spelunking and feasting upon the gemstones she could find. She befriended any animals that appeared there, never growing lonely despite having no other dragons to speak to. As she grew older, she emerged from the cave to the surface, where she took her first flight, with help from a bird. She spent most of her time on the surface, however she tends to sleep in that cave and explore others for food.
RP Sample: The crystal-like dragoness emerged from her cave with the sunrise, glancing around to ensure no dragons were there. With a quick smile at a nearby rabbit, she spread her wings and alighted quickly at a cave she had found previously. Melody crept inside, finding the ores she had seen the previous day. As she got her fill, she picked up a large piece of iron, which she would keep for a snack later in the day. She emerged from the cave, slinking backwards into the shadows as a larger dragon passed.

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Melody of Crystal Scales Empty Re: Melody of Crystal Scales

Post by Celestia Fri Aug 29, 2014 11:08 pm

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